Saturday, 31 March 2012

Weird War II Finnish Army

I'm currently putting together a Finnish Army for AE-WWII, the awesome but nearly defunct Weird War II Skirmish Game. The only problem: there isn't any such army.

Not to worry though, I'm just going to make one. Mostly from a combination of German and Soviet units (given that the Finnish army used mostly German and Russian gear) with a few unique twists to make them more Finnish in nature.

But why Finns? Well, it was either going to be them or Italians. Mostly because I wanted an army that changed sides so that I could play against both the allies and the axis without my anal little head suffering from an implosion. I couldn't come up with any cool but obvious theme for an Italian force (fine with me, since I was leaning more towards the Finns anyway) whereas with a Finnish army I can go with the obvious themes of Lap Tribal Animism and Supernatural Cold.

Finding miniatures to represent the actual soldiers themselves couldn't be easier, despite the fact that Warlord have gone and dumped their very lovely Bolt Action Finns. All I need to do is use my brand-new collection of unpainted German and Russian AE-WWII models with the very simple conversion of giving all their boots square, up-turned toes (although they might have ditched those by the late-war, going by this pic). I also have some ideas for miniatures I can use to represent the more outlandish, weird, supernatural creatures on the list.

Here are the existing units types from the AE-WWII Corebook that I'll be using (and cosmetically modifying) for my Finnish list.


Jaeger Officer (Elite, Infantry, Individual) -
As per SSD Officer from the AEWWII Core Rules.

Finnish Officer (Veteran, Infantry, Individual)-
As per the German Officer from AEWWII Core Rules.

Empty Slot (Veteran, Specialist, Individual) - I'm thinking something Shamenistic. Possibly similar to OORD Medicine Man from Occult Book.

Jaeger Sniper (Veteran, Specialist, Individual)- As per Soviet Sniper from AEWWII Core Rules, as Finnish Snipers also used the Mossin Nagant Rifle, which was actually made by the SAKO factory in Finland itself.

Sargeant (Regular, Infantry, Individual)
As per Volkstrum Group Leader


Snow Ape/Yeti/Abominable Snowman in Lap ( Regular, Supernatural, Individual) -
As per Strumaffe from AE-WWII Corebook.

Frost Wight (Regular, Supernatural, Squad) -
As per  Feursodat from the Corebook but using Ice instead of Flames. No change to rules otherwise.

Ice Demons (Green, Supernatural, Squad)-
As per Abgezhertzsoldat from AE-WWII Corebook. But less about technology, more about being supernatural.

Empty Slot (Regular, Supernatural, Individual)-


Finnish Infantry (Green, Infantry, Squad)
- As per Volkstrumm from AE-WWII Corebook

Infantry Heavy Weapons (Green, Support, Infantry)
- As per Volkstrumm Heavy Weapons from Ae-WWII Corebook
Jager Heavy Weapon Team (Regular, Support, Squad)-
Don't know whether to use Russian Guard or Wehrmacht version yet. Need to do more research on Late War Finnish Heavy Weapons.

Jagers (Regular, Infantry, Squad)-
As Wehemacht from AE-WWII Corebook.

Empty Slot for Animal Team and Handler style unit.


Abomination Hunter
Expert Rider
Master Magician
Mounted Hero
Native Born
Natural Leader
One Man Army


Unavailable Hero Upgrades:
Chuman Parent
Eccentric Millionaire
Father of the Apocalypse
Hound Master
Lab Rat
Laten Psi
Movie Star
Order of Light Member
Rocket Trooper
Section 13 Agent
The Reborn
Vril Hero
Any tank related.


  1. Fantastic idea! Love/miss AE-WW2...

    Maybe give them some additional special rules like ignoring rough terrain or Bane/Soviets or something, to make them more differentiated from the Germans.

    1. I was thinking something similar myself, but I suppose I'd have to run it by my opponent first. The thing is, I'm not sure any of the other factions have faction speecial rules as such either.

  2. Looking good mate. You should post a link to this onto the AE-WWII Facebook page. Might get some input from the actual game designers.

    1. Great suggestion. That's just what I'll do.

  3. Its a shame they had a great range only managed to get hold of a few miniatures. Nice but a little fiddly to build.

    Army sounds good I look forward to seeing some pictures of it when in progress

  4. Fiddly? You're not joking. It just took me three hours to build nine figures. Should have the first few pics up in a day or so. I'm expecting a few commisions to arrive in the afternoon post later today, so I only have the morning to work on my own stuff.