Friday, 6 July 2012

6th ed Imperial Guard Footslogger List

Well, now that I've finally had a chance to look at 6th ed (and now that I've had a few days to digest what I've read) I've come up with a completely new list.

This is quite a shift in direction for a gear-head like me, but the snap-fire rules, hull points and the availability of fortifications seem to have made light infantry (i.e foot-slogging) lists much more viable in sixth addition.

So, other-than having two Chimera-mounted five man Storm Trooper squads, two supporting tanks and a squadron each of Sentinels and Rough Riders (rough Riders FTW now, by the way), everything in this list gets around on the mark 1 troop transporter. Your standard Imperial Guard issue boot.

I'm a little leery of having a Special Character as my HQ choice . Normally, I don't take Special Characters as a rule, preferring for my own characters to become "special" through their battlefield fleets. But at the last Chaos of the Warp Tournament one of my guys "earned a name". In turn 7 of my last game, the sergeant from my Plasma Vet squad was my last miniature on the board. For five turns he held off (and defeated) Necron and Necron in hand-to-hand combat and survived a whole army's worth of shooting on turn 7. If anything in my army deserved a name, he did. So I decided to call him Sgt Slade, after Sam Slade: Robohunter, from the British comic 2000AD.

I was originally going to use convert him and use him as a "counts-as-Marbo" miniature, playing on the whole "maddened sole survivor schtick".  The resultant outcry on the Chaos of the Warp  facebook page made me change my mind. The main argument seemed to be that a guy who could  survive all that deserved use Straken's profile at the very least. So I had a poll to see which IG profile I should use for Slade. Straken won by a huge margin, which was a problem given that Stracken is an HQ choice rather than a squad upgrade. So Sgt. Slade, in recognition of his bravery, won himself a promotion to Company Sargent Major. He's now the power-behind-the-throne in the 13th Malegaunt PDF Regiment's 13th Company and, given that's fought two Space Marine chapters, Eldar Slavers, Orks and Necrons in the last few weeks, he's starting to wonder what's so important about his home-world. But not as much as he's wondering why loyal Space Marine Battle Brothers are so unhappy with the new Planetary Governor and his regime...

After all, what have the Ultramarines and Blood Angels got against the Word Bearers? Aren't they Space Marine's too?

Update: I've had a bit of a rethink since I first wrote this list. Chimera's are even more paper-thin in practice than they are on paper. Sentinels aren't much better. The new list has neither.

Company Command Squad: 2 troopers with flamers (10), 1 with Heavy Flamer (20)  Ensign Paxx with Company Standard (build as officer but counts as normal guardsman with Regimental Banner 15 points), Company Sgt Major Slade (Colonel Straken 95 points) Nork Deadogg (110points) +50 points base cost.
                                                                                                       Total: 255 points


Platoon HQ:
Lt and four guardsmen. 4 guardsmen have Grenade Launchers(15).  Cost: 50 points.

Imp Guard Squads x3:
1xSgt and 9x guardsmen per squad. 1 per squad has Grenade Launcher (5), 2 per Squad have Autocannon (squads 2 and 3) or Heavy Bolter (squad 1).
Cost: 65 points each (195 points).

Heavy Weapon Squad: 3x Lascannon Teams. Cost: 105 points.

Heavy Weapon Squad: 3x Lascannon Teams. Cost: 105 points.

Heavy Weapon Squad: 3x Missile Launcher Teams. Cost: 90 points.

Veteran Squad: 3 have Plasma Guns. Cost:  115 points.

Stormtrooper Squad: sgt + 4 stormtroopers. 1 have Melta Guns. 1 has Plasma Gun.  Cost:  110 points.

Stormtrooper Squad: sgt + 4 troopers. 2 have Melta Guns. 105 points.


8 x Rough Riders. 2 have Melta Guns. Cost: 115 pts.

1x Demolisher Siege Tank with Lascannon: Cost: 180 points.

1 x Leman Russ Executioner with Lascannon and 2x Heavy Bolters. Cost: 225

Aegis Defence Line with Quad cannon. Cost: 100 points

Total Cost:

Need to buy: 4 Heavy Weapon Box Sets (6 Lascannon, 2 Autocannon, 3 Missile Launchers. Already have Heavy Bolter). Executioner Turret. 10x Rough Riders. Aegis Defence Line.

Need to build: Officer carrying Standard, Heavy Flamer guy and convert CSM Slade.


  1. I have yet to see the rules for 6th edition.

    Though I am looking quite forward to it.

    1. I've yet to play my first game, but everything I've seen so far suggests that it's an improvement over 5th edition, which was my favorite edition since Rogue Trader.

  2. Nice looking list and LOL at that pic with the nades!