Sunday, 15 July 2012

Battletech: Sword and Dragon Update

We've been playing a few games of Battletech in the weeks since I posted the profiles of the Steel Legion and Fox Hound Mechwarriors. While the Steel Legion have completed the last two training missions, selected their first contract and received their Battlemech allocations, we Foxhounds are still only half-way through our final training scenario. Foa and Lishka were unable to prevent their Foxhound Lance mates from winning the "Capture the Flag" scenario, despite some pretty impressive manoeuvring and shooting on Lishka's part especially. Meanwhile, the Raid mission has already gone horribly wrong, with Striker's Locust crippled (but nicely placed to destroy a couple of buildings and some infantry regardless). Meanwhile, the Commando piloted by Foa is in position to destroy two more. Lishka in her Valkyrie has blown up a building with her LRM's and set herself up as bait so that Domino's Falcon can get a clear shot at an Opfor Jenner's rear armour.

But even so, with one Mech crippled and laser turrets popping up everywhere, we're already faring poorly in comparison to the Steel Legion, who completed the final training mission without losing a Mech.

In the meantime, here's a photograph of some Battlemechs from the 25th anniversary box set. I've organized the 24 Inner Sphere Mechs in the box into a Marik Company and a Steiner Company. Here are four of the Marik Mechs, painted in the colors of the 12th Atrean Dragoons. The Jaegermech, Vindicator and Catapult are all from the box set. The Wolfhound is a metal Mech I bought because it's one of my favorite Mech's in it's weight class by a long way. There's a lot to be said for Mechs will full energy-weapon load-outs in a campaign game that keeps track of ammunition expenditure and other such logistics.

12th Atrean Dragoons