Sunday, 15 July 2012


I'm going to talk about two recent events in my 3rd ed Warhammer Fantasy Battle gaming.

First, a group of Oldhammer bloggers have gotten together and created the Oldhammer blog-zine, to which I will be contributing on occasion. One of the first events they will be running is the Golden Goblin painting award for an Old School GW miniature. A statue of smaller (goblin-proportioned) goblin figure is the prize, in the spirit of the (proportionally much, much larger) Golden Demon painting competition run by GW on a yearly basis.

Secondly, my friend Ali, one of my role-playing buddies, brought a long a gift last night: an entire army of 3rd and 4th edition Chaos miniatures. The timing was all the more poignant because he also brought along some Chronopia miniatures. Why poignant? My good friend Spencer Warner died yesterday after a long battle with cancer. Spencer knew just about everyone who was anyone in the UK gaming scene in the 80's, 90's and early 00's. He worked for worked for a number of gaming companies, most notably WOTC UK, but including Fantasy Forge; a precursor of Target Games, who produced Chronopia and Leviathan. I actually remember attending DrakCon in Aberdeen many years ago and playing a demo game of Leviathan  with Spence while in my late teens. It was probably the first game we played together. We also ended up playing each other in a game of Battle Cows at the same con a year or two later, I think.

Ali hadn't received the message that our game had been cancelled because of Spencer's death. I didn't find out about this generous gift until I got home from an impromptu wake held by a (very large) group of Spencer's friends. By which point Ali had already caught a bus back to Edinburgh.

So, thanks Ali. Your generosity made a difficult day a little more bearable. Spence loved classic GW mini's too. He'd have been well chuffed to see so many classic mini's going to someone who'll put them to good use.


  1. Wow very generous present and just the right reminder of another of your dear friends.

    I look forward to seeing what you make of them. You should make sure one of the champions is somehow connected to your friend Spencer, even if just his name.

  2. Great idea Erny, thanks. Who better to lead my new army than Chaos Lord Werner Von Spencestein?