Battletech: Black Barracudas

The Black Barracuda's joined the Battletech campaign early in 2013, but have only just now managed to complete their first contract. The Black Barracuda's were extremely jammy with their initial piloting and gunnery skills rolls. Almost without exception, they're better Mechwarriors than the Fox Hounds are after a years worth of play and 16XP.

In the words of one of their pilots: "The Black Barracudas consist of AWOL soldiers forced to band together for a greater goal, but we're growing to respect one another. We want to be the practical bad asses among the lances. We get the job done without any messing around. No glamour. Just efficiency." - Dom

The Black Barracudas use mainly Dark Blue colour scheme.


Dom "Kraken" Corvus - A former miner and demolitions specialist who has served in an artillery company of the LCAF 

Currently Pilots: Clint 'Charybdis' CLNT-2-3T
Previous Rides:
Mech Kills:
Gunnery: 3 Piloting: 4
5 Spent:0
Born and raised on Tharkad. Both parents were miners and Dominic fell into the trade after his father fell ill and died. Quickly made a name for himself, but rejected several promotions in favour of staying within his Demo Devision, of which he was the most productive. Drafted into the Artillery for the LC Army due to his skills, he soon left following an honorable discharge after a sniper wound to the leg. Got involved with slight terrorism acts off-world, following Draconis Terrorists attacked his town, providing bombs to the activists.
Severe distaste for the Dracs, and looking for more, he left to become a Merc, using his skills to benefit those who hired him. Not married. No kids.

Kumiko "Goryo/Relay" Ishikawa - A daughter of a noble mech-warrior family on Luthien and graduate of the Sun Zhang mechwarrior academy.

Kumiko was born into an ancient and noble family on Luthien, and destined to follow in her father and forefathers' footsteps as an illustrious Mechwarrior commander in the service of House Kurita. Her father, Akira 'Kagetora' Ishikawa led a Sword of Light strike company, and was the hero of many daring missions to cripple enemy BattleMechs and bases. Kumiko was to be the first female Mechwarrior of the Ishikawa family in centuries, as her family was very traditionalist and preferred its daughters to be cultured noblewomen rather than warriors. That might have been Kumiko's fate if her mother Tamiko had borne any other children, but as she was an only child, and her father was deeply amused by his daughter's determination to be a fighter rather than a lady, she was trained in martial arts and swordsmanship, and sent to the Sun Zhang Mechwarrior Academy once she was old enough.

However, her privileged life fell apart the day she received the news that her father had disgraced himself by failing mission objectives and losing half of his company in the process, and had committed seppuku to purge the shame from his family. Upon returning to the Ishikawa home in the Imperial City on Luthien, Kumiko discovered that the news had reached her mother before she had. Ever devoted to her husband, upon the news of his death Tamiko had dressed in her wedding garb, gone out into the garden and committed jigai beneath the blossoming cherry trees. Kumiko found her mother's body still kneeling amidst the cherry blossoms, as Tamiko had taken the precaution of tying her legs together so that she would be found in a dignified position.

Perhaps Kumiko might still have gone on with her training, even more determined to prove herself, but her worldview changed the moment one of her father's surviving company members brought her his swords and BattleMech, and told her the details of how he was disgraced. It had been a simple strike mission that had gone horribly wrong, a raid on a House Steiner recon company intended to put their 'Mechs out of action and blind them to the Combine advance. But upon arriving at the Steiner base, Akira had discovered to his horror that this was no simple recon company, the light 'Mechs were supported by two lances of heavy 'Mechs defending the base, including an Atlas and a Stalker. Although Akira's command managed to cripple some of the Steiner light 'Mechs while trying to avoid the heavy 'Mechs, they were shredded by autocannon fire and rather than see his company destroyed, Akira ordered a retreat. Upon his return, he accepted responsibly for the failed mission to spare the survivors, and was ordered by his superiors to commit seppuku in atonement. Kumiko did not understand, her father had served the Combine faithfully and his record was exemplary, yet his failure to achieve the impossible in defeating the Steiner heavy 'Mechs had been enough for them to demand his death. So instead of taking up arms for House Kurita, Kumiko symbolically broke her father's - now her - katana to demonstrate her lack of faith in Takashi Kurita, and went ronin.

Later, Kumiko would hear further whispers and rumours about her father and his disastrous final mission. The Steiner base had already been scanned by a Combine light lance, how had they failed to register the presence of the assault lances inside? Furthermore, the leader of the light lance, Satoshi 'Mengu' Takeda, was a known rival of her father, who aspired to take his place as company leader. Had he deliberately understated the threat from the Steiner base, knowing that Akira's company would be torn apart by the heavy 'Mechs inside and that he would either be killed in the process, or disgraced should he survive? Kumiko would pay dearly to know the truth... and avenge her father if needs be.

Kumiko pilots an ancient Panther named 'Bakeneko', which was originally commissioned in 2760 and has been in the Ishikawa family ever since. Kumiko is the 15th MechWarrior to pilot Bakeneko, and takes pride in this, feeling that her ancestors are watching over her. Bakeneko's former red Sword of Light colours have now vanished beneath Black Barracudas blue and the Kurita crest has been replaced by the merc lance's sigil, but she has kept the small family shrine in the 'Mech's cockpit and added her father's name to it. She has also kept the shards of her father's sword - perhaps if she ever finds a new lord, the blade will be reforged.

Awards: None 
Currently Pilots:  Panther 'Bakeniko' PNT-9R
Previous Rides:  None
Mech Kills:
Gunnery 4 Piloting 5
 XP 6 Spent  4 (1 piloting increase)

Akuhito "Splinter" Law - A former veteran officer of the 2nd Sword Of Light, now a mercenary due to his forced retirement from the DCMS due to age and injuries sustained at Dromini IV. 
Currently Pilots: Mongoose MON-67
Previous Rides:
Mech Kills:
Gunnery: 3 Piloting: 5
:5   Spent:4 (1 piloting increase)

Norbert "Gannicus" Edwin
- A former LCAF mechwarrior with PTSD, haunted by the memory of the dead comrades who he had failed.
Currently Pilots: Jenner 'Lana' JR7-F
Previous Rides:
Mech Kills:
Gunnery: 4 Piloting: 4
5 Spent:4 (Piloting Increase)

Warchest: 150 WP


Clint 'Charybdis' CLNT-2-3T
Mongoose MON-67
Panther 'Bakeniko' PNT-9R
Jenner 'Lana' JR7-F


Stored Salvage: None


Lyran Commonwealth: 2
Free Worlds League: -2
Coventry Metal Works: 2

Contracts Completed:

Training Missions - Recon, Capture The Flag, City Fight, Raid, Gauntlet

Contract Registry: FWL-OC-01-01 Recon - mission successful. Drop Fee: 50WP, Pay: 100WP

Contract Registry: FWL-OC-01-01
Unit Assigned:COMPLETED
Working for the: Coventry Metal Works
In the: Free Worlds League
To complete the following: Reconnaissance
System: Kalidasa
Forces Recommended: 1 Lance
Contract Duration: 1 Month (15 Days in REAL TIME)
Employer Contact: Coventry Metal Works CEO Simon Grantrel
Jump/Drop Fees: 50 WP
Pay Rate: 100 WP
Support: None
Salvage Rights: None
Command: Independent
Kali Yama Weapons Industries Incorporated is unveiling a new variant of the ever popular Hunchback and I want it! Several of the prototypes are to be demonstrated at the field testing site at Kalidasa. Your mission will form part of a two pronged strike, in conjunction with a heavy lance targeting the sensor array and turret control systems on the other side of the complex. You will approach the complex under cover of night and penetrate the facility when the heavy lance begins their assault. Find and scan 3 examples of the prototype. We only have a small window before reinforcements force a retreat so do not miss the dustoff rendez-vous!

The Gryphons (formerly the Silver Hawk Irregulars) provide security for the facility. They are poorly trained but their new CO, Martha Zuritas, is instituting reforms so many may be eager to prove themselves. Feel free to tangle with 'em but I'm not paying for kills, just the recon data.


- Scan 3 examples of the prototype.
- Exit to the dustoff zone by Turn 15

System Data:

Kalidasa was apparently named in honor of the Great Poet Kalidasa.

For many years Kalidasa was a hotspot between the Lyran Commonwealth and the Free Worlds League. Its strategic position between the two nations led to years of raids and assaults, the last of which occurred in 2997. During the late Succession Wars these raids tapered off, and instead the planet became an important cross-border shipping point. There are a dozen starports on the world, staffed by both League and Commonwealth customs inspectors. Naturally the legitimate trade is only one part of the system economy; A thriving black market is an open secret to the citizens. This trade is the cornerstone of the planet's economy, but there are also native light industry, mineral extraction, lumber, and refining operations as well.

Kali Yama Weapons Industries Incorporated was one of the Free Worlds League's largest military suppliers.

* Star Type (Recharge Time): G1Ia (182 hours)
* Position in System: 4
* Time to Jump Point: 9.75 days
* Number of Moons: 2 (Carbons, Deons)
* Surface Gravity: 1.1
* Atm. Pressure: Low (Breathable)
* Equatorial Temperature: 56° C (Arid)
* Surface Water: 67 percent
* Recharging Station: Both
* HPG Class Type: A
* Highest Native Life: Plant

Mission Results: Despite being somewhat mauled by the Defenders, including a lance of the new Savannah Master hovercraft, the Barracuda's succeeded in their mission objectives.  

Comstar Communiqué 82366nr99-SLCOM-07-11-3025

Blessed is the Word and the Light.
-From Collected Short Sayings of Blessed Blake, Edition XXII, ComStar Press, 3015

Start encrypted message

Well, I guess y'all are my new favourite bunch of mercs! Had my doubts about employing a couple of snakes but y'all got the job done and gave them Gryphon sons of bitches a black eye to boot! I'm liking your style, Barracudas. If your trigger fingers are still itchy, y'all just let me know. Got plenty of work for mercs with a mean streak. Keep an eye on the contract boards!

CEO Simon Grantrel,
Coventry Metal Works


  +++++++++FWL CONDEMNS LYRAN RAIDS+++++++++

Ceres Metals were the target of recent raids.

The Free Worlds League Parliament today condemned what was referred to as "continued and flagrant espionage and border violations" by the Lyran Commonwealth. This was in response to a security breach on the world of Kalidasa, though details of the breach have not been released by Kali-Yama Industries. The MP for Kalidasa was quoted as saying "A unanimous motion was carried to request an immediate reprisal from the Captain-General. Such a blatant disregard for our borders and property cannot go unanswered." The FWLM declined to comment on any current military activities but several dropships were seen burning for a high orbit rendezvous with a jumpship above Kalidasa.


 Click here for battle report.

Contract Registry: LC-OC-01-02
Unit Assigned: COMPLETED
Working for the: Coventry Metal Works
In the: Lyran Commonwealth
To complete the following: Garrison
System: Rahne
Forces Recommended: 1 Lance
Contract Duration: 1 Month (15 Days in REAL TIME)
Employer Contact: Coventry Metal Works CEO Simon Grantrel
Jump/Drop Fees: 75 WP
Pay Rate: 200 WP
Support: None
Salvage Rights: Low
Command: Independent

Kali Yama ain't letting us get away lightly with the Hunchback scans you secured for us. We're transferring the data back to Coventry via courier rather than trusting Comstar with it. Trouble is, it looks like we were spotted when we passed through the Solaris system and our courier may get hit at the staging point on Rahne.

Rahne's a real eyesore of a planet - dust storms and rock - most folk live underground in mining colonies. Normally we'd never set foot on it but word over the HPG is a Jumpship carrying a couple FWLM Leopard dropships and a swarm of aerotech glued to its belly passed through Solaris a short while ago. Chances are it's the Gryphons planning a quick raid. So now we've got a short window to get deeper into the LC where they can't follow us. We're transferring fusion bottles from Rahne up to the Jump Ship Pequod using the courier drop ship which should speed up the recharge time considerably. Unfortunately, we're almost blind during the dust storms and we're totally reliant on a nearby sensor relay to keep the site secure. The Skye Rangers have loaned us a heavy lance to guard the courier, but we'll need the sensor station guarded as well. Lose that and we'll be utterly blind and vulnerable to aerospace assault.

Can I count on you to keep the sensors uplink alive?


Dust Storms will add +2 to all ranged targeting difficulties.

Current season is 'Melting' - battlemechs will generate an additional 2 heat per turn.

Active sensor range is 6 hexes. A link to the sensor array will indicate enemy mech locations as 'blips'


- Defend the Sensor Array - 200 WP

Additional Intel available: Star Yacht Sensor Scans of the FWLM dropship contents - 15 WP

System Data: Rahne

Rahne is a small world without adequate water or growing seasons. Major dust storms fling themselves across the planet creating a need to protect exposed machinery. This has helped to hamper above-ground exploration of Rahne's gems and radioactive deposits. Geologists calculate that another larger planet collided with Rahne early in it's life. As a result of this collision, they theorize, the planet and the moon, Caliban, were created.

Severe weather conditions, partly from the massive moon and from the planet's one sea, continuously arise on the planet. It has four seasons: Storm, Calm, Cold, and Melting. "Of the four, Melting is the most dangerous, as temperatures rise above 100 degrees Celsius." Each of these seasons last for 21 days.

System position 4th
Jump point distance 6.46 days
Moons 1 (Caliban)
Surface gravity 0.94
Atmospheric pressure Standard (Breathable)
Equatorial temperature 53°C (Tropical)
Surface water 44%
Highest native life 90%, Mammals
Reference Year 3025
Population 3,055,000,000
Socio-Industrial Levels B-C-B-A-D
HPG (Representative) A

 Click here for battle report.

Riot Control Mission:

Click here for battle report.

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