Battletech: Steel Legion

I'm taking part in a Battletech Tech Campaign at Glasgow Gaming Group, run by a D.M and with eight players (including myself) divided into two Merc Lances, the Steel Legion and the Fox Hounds. The information recorded here is somewhat sparse in comparison to the Fox Hounds entry, mostly because I'm a player in the Fox Hounds unit and have missed many of the Steel Legions missions.

 Note that as of January 2013, four more players (forming a third unit) were added to the campaign as the Black Barracudas.


Despite being lucky enough (unlike the Foxhounds) to have begun play with decent piloting skills, The Steel Legion has been plagued by several unfortunate incident's during training. At least one pilot has successfully (and repeatedly) inflicted more damage on his own Mech by falling than has been sustained via the actions of simulated enemies. It remains to be seen if the Lance's luck will turn.

It certainly has. The fortunes of the Steel Legion continue to rise and fall. Despite a number of successes while in the employment of  the Draconis Combine, including a successful assault on a submarine base their reputation suffered after an honour duel with Hideyoshi, aide to a DCMS Warlord, resulted in extensive damage to a city on the Federated Suns world of Galtor III. During the duel, many civilians were killed and an entire University burned to the ground, a clear violation of the Ares Conventions. As a result, the Steel Legion's reputation (especially in the Federated Suns) has taken a nose-dive. Perhaps forcing them ever more into the coils of the Dragon?

Battle Reports::
 * Successfully recon'd a House Laio base [Mission File]


Played by William. Eldest son of Baron Flavius Valentino, Tiberius served in the House Steiner military for several years before an act of betrayal by a beloved friend led to charges of "Cowardice in the face of the enemy." Moreover, Tiberous was further charged with being in collusion with the enemy. Only his family connections saved him from execution. Tiberius has since come to Galatea to find work with a mercenary company, prove his courage, and regain his honor.

Mech Assignment: Spider
Gunnery: 3 
Piloting: 4
XP: Gunnery 3 Piloting 4 - 14XP (spent 12 - 1 piloting increase, 1 gunnery increase)
MercNet Training Log:
Centurion has completed 3 of the four designated training missions, providing heavy covering fire defending the flag in Scenario 1, providing recon in Scenario 2 and participating in a city fight in Scenario 3, destroying a Panther. 

[*] Lost his Mech in scenario 1 when Hoida (piloting an enemy mech in this scenario) triggered off an ammunition explosion.

Career History:
* Successfully recon'd  a House Laio base in his first mission.


Played by Mark. Fox claims to have been one of the better pilots in the Arenas of Solaris IV, using speed and daring dash and elan to outfox his opponents before getting in close and unleashing all weaponry on his target. Alas, he lost his Mech in a fixed match when his Heat Sinks were rigged to fail upon execution of his signature move.
Mechless, Fawlkes jumped ship, went into hiding (from various organisations who lost vast sums of money due to his defeat) and ended up signing on with the newly established 'Steel Legion' at Galatea.
Current Mech Assignment: Jenner
Gunnery: 4
Piloting: 2
Recorded Mech Kills: 1 Medium (Cicada), 1 Heavy (Dragon)

XP: Gunnery 2 Piloting 3 - 14XP (spent 12 -1 piloting increase, 1 gunnery)

MercNet Training Log:
Fox has completed 3 of the four designated training missions, defending the flag in Scenario 1, providing recon in Scenario 2 and participating in a city fight in Scenario 3.

Career History:
* Successfully recon'd House Laio base in his first mission, claiming a Cicada kill.
* Following the honour duel in New Derry, Fox became the campaigns first elite rated  PC.

Fawkles  has displayed romantic intentions towards Lishka of the Fox Hounds, although this has yet to proceed beyond some light flirtation. It remains to be seen if he serious he is about pursuing this courtship, or if it is merely light-hearted banter on his part. Lishka herself seems indifferent.

Despite being the best pilot in the game, Fawlkes has been cursed with bad luck while maneuvering in cities. He once had a building shot out from under him by Jaegermech, causing him to fall several stories and has skidded while running on metaled roads on several occasions.
Further to this run of bad luck, Fawlkes was captured by the Fox Hounds during the underwater base assault on Galtor III and ransomed back to his Lance.

In the honour duel with Hideyoshi's lance, Fox executed a successful Death From Above attack, destroying the cockpit (and pilot) of a Dragon.


Played by Martin. Hoida's sensei was implicated in a minor Rasalhaguen rebellion and accused of ties with the Tyr. His master having been ordered to commit Sepoku, Hoida, blaming himself, travelled to Galatea.
 He sees his only chance at redemption to be to gather the evidence to clear his Masters honour and to earn forgiveness for his betrayal of his Master. First he must find out who masterminded the uprising and who in the DCMS or ISF made sure his Master took the fall. Hoida believes that the only way he can gain this information is to search outside the DCMS and even the Draconis Combine itself.

Current Mech Assignment: Vindicator, "Vengeance".

Gunnery: 2
Piloting: 5
Recorded Mech Kills: 1 Heavy (Quickdraw)
XP: 14 (spent 12. 1 Piloting increase, 1 Gunnery increase)

MercNet Training Log:
Hoida has completed 3 of the four designated training missions, capturing the flag in Scenario 1, providing accurate fire support in Scenario 2 and participating in a city fight in Scenario 3, fighting whilst outnumbered.  

[*] Destroyed Centurion's Mech in Scenario one by triggering an ammunition explosion.

Career History:
* Successfully recon'd  a House Laio base in his first mission.

Following the Galtor III Campaign, Hoida finally realised his ambitions to reap vengeance for his master,  issuing a challenge to Hideyoshi, a DCMS officer and aide to to a DCMS Warlord, to an honour duel. When Hideyoshi broke honour and brought his lance into the fray, the Steel Legion interceeded in turn. Although Hideyoshi was defeated, he escaped after the destruction of his Mech and remains at large.


Played by John. A former member of the 24th Lyran Guard and a graduate of the famous Nagelring Mechwarrior academy. He participated in the 13th Battle of Hesperus, defending the strategic world from an attacking force from the Mercenary company Wolf's Dragoons, in the employ of House Marik.
Striker's career was compromised by being one of the few Mechwarrior's to survive the battle. Unable to find a post in a combat unit, he resigned his commission and traveled to Galatea, hoping to find himself in a company contracted to operate against House Marik.

He also has a hatred towards House Marik because of what has happened to him during and since the Thirteenth battle.

Occupation/Training: Mechwarrior
Current Physiological State: Has a scar running from his forehead down to his cheek, though his eye is undamaged, on the right of his face
Current Whereabouts: Galatea
Currently Piloting: Panther PNT-9R "Grey Wolf"

Mech Assignment:

Gunnery: 3
Piloting: 3
Recorded Mech Kills:
XP: 14 (Spent 12 -one piloting increase, one gunnery increase)
MercNet Training Log:
Striker has completed 3 of the four designated training missions, capturing the flag in Scenario 1, providing accurate fire support in Scenario 2 and participating in a city fight in Scenario 3. 

Capture the Flag: Piloted a Clint; Used the sensors to find the objective, captured the flag and survived.
Recon: Piloted a Panther; First shot using the PPC caused a critical hit to the head of an Enforcer which knocked out some of the sensors, scanned an enemy mech, made it back to the DZ and survived.

City Fight: Piloted a Javelin; Managed to do a surmountable amount of damage to a Panther and survived.

Raid: Piloted a Falcon; Destroyed a turret by kicking it, destoyed 3 buildings, killed 15 infantry, made it back to the DZ and survived.

* Note: After the four training simulations that were required to be done as part of the lance, before being allowed to go on real missions were completed; He was informed that he came in second and chose to pilot a Panther out of the three mechs left after Hoida had made his choice. He thereafter improved his piloting skills from 5 to 4 at the cost of 4xp.

Career History:

Contract Registry: FS-OC-06-08; Working for the Federated Suns on a Recon mission: Piloting the Panther "Grey Wolf"; Destroyed 3 medium laser turrets with PPC shots, damaged a Skulker wheeled tank with SRM-4 fire causing a critical hit that took out the left stabiliser, made it back to the DZ and survived; While escaping back to the DZ was severely damaged and lost the use of the PPC from the combined Capellan enemy mech fire of a Clint, Jagermech and Griffon.

Contract Registry: FS-OC-07-08; Working for the Federated Suns on a Supply Raid: Piloting the Panther "Grey Wolf"; Destroyed 3 medium laser turrets with PPC shots, inflicted a fair amount of damage to a Griffon with PPC fire, damaged a Wasp with PPC and SRM-4 fire, survived the mission with minimal damage and made it back to the DZ.

Contract Registry: CW-OC-08-08; Working for the Cerulean Waters on a raid: Piloting the Panther "Grey Wolf"; Inflicted damage to enemy mechs and defences of the hijacked ice ship, successfully transported a jump infantry unit, who helped attack an enemy mech and turret before counter assaulting the bridge of the hijacked ice ship, survived the mission with minimal damage and made it back to the DZ.

Contract Registry: CW-OC-09-08; Working for the Cerulean Waters on an Offensive Campaign:
- Disable/destroy the deployed solar array: Piloting the Panther "Grey Wolf"; Planted two bombs, destroyed an aerospace fighter and majorly damaged another.
- Destroy the sensor array on the nearby moon: Piloting the Panther "Grey Wolf"; In the first round of combat helped destroy a Trebuchet by hitting it with a PPC shot to the right torso, which Hoida piloting the Vindicator shot in the same area using the PPC causing a critical hit which blew up the LRM 15 ammo, done a lot of damage to the array itself and done some damage to the other enemy mechs.
- Destroy the aerospace fighter launch strip: Piloting the Vindicator "Vengeance"; Hot dropped in, damaged several enemy mechs, destroyed 3 medium laser turrets and a Double AC10 turret, successfully called in planetary bombardments from the dropship and destroyed some aerospace fighters.
- Destroy the fusion powerplant: Piloting the Panther "Grey Wolf"; Destroyed 2 large laser turrets with PPC fire, destoyed a Wasp with a PPC shot to the center torso, done some damage to a Javelin, Stinger, Ostscout and Phoenix Hawk with PPC fire, successfully called in orbital bombardments which caused damage to a Javelin, Stinger and Wasp with the hit to the Wasp causing a critical hit to the head.
Survived all of the missions and made it back to the dropship Makoto every time.

Contract Registry: DC-OC-10-01; Working for the Draconis Combine on a Recon and Escort mission: Piloting the Vindicator "Vengeance"; Using the PPC, LRM5 and medium laser done some damage and critical hits to a Neptune class hunter-killer submarine, With "Fox" as spotter used the LRM5 to damage the enemy Javelin in the rear armour which caused a critical hit and shutdown, caused a fair bit of damage to the enemy Clint with the PPC and LRM5, in a one on one duel with the enemy Vindicator caused a fair bit of damage with the PPC (which hit the head and took it out) and LRM5, in a one on one duel with the enemy Grasshopper caused a fair bit of damage with the PPC and LRM5 which also done a fair bit of damage to my Mech as I made my way back to the DZ, survived the mission with a fair bit of damage and made it back to the DZ.

Contract Registry: DC-OC-10-02; Working for the Draconis Combine on a Garrison mission: Piloting the Panther "Grey Wolf"; With PPC and SRM-4 fire done damage to a Javelin, Commando and Valkyrie, caused a critical hit on the Commando and took out the foot atulator and caused the torso and arm to fall off the Valkyrie which had the ammo and laser.
After completing contract DC-OC-10-02; a Garrison mission working for the Draconis Combine in the Galtor system:

Hoida challenges Barrabas Hideyoshi to an honour duel. The other members of the Steel Legion set up outside the chosen area for the duel and await the signal that Barrabas Hideyoshi has been dishonourable and set an ambush.

Once the signal was spoken, the other members of the Legion made their way on to the field of battle to help their fellow comrade. Piloting the Panther "Grey Wolf"; During the combat that then ensured, I helped damage two Dragons, a Whitworth and Barrabas Hideyoshi's Quickdraw with PPC and SRM-4 fire, during the battle Striker took some major damage to the area where the SRM-4 ammo is stored, and took the time to jettison the remaining ammo, before going back into battle and helping defeat the enemy mech pilots!
NPC Pilots:

Chris "8-Ball" Kartini - A new recruit from the St Ives Compact. - Gunnery 4 Piloting 5 - 3XP (spent 0)

Current Warchest Total: 257 WP

Stored Salvage: 1.5 Tons SRM4, 1 Ton SRM 6, 2 x Large Laser, 1 Ton SRM2, 2 Tons Machine Gun ammo

Current Mechs:
Original Steel Legion Line-Up

Scout Lance: Jenner JR7-F, Assassin ASN-21, Ostscout OTT-7J, Spider SDR-5V.

Fire Lance: Dervish DV-6M, Vindicator VND-1R 'Vengeance', Panther PNT-9R 'Grey Wolf', Hermes II HER-2S

Heavy lance: Dragon DRG-1N

Note: The Steel Legion currently lacks sufficient pilots to field more than five Mechs at a time. They instead chose the Mechs best suited to the current mission perimeters.


Federated Suns: -8
Capellan Confederation: -2
Tortuga Dominions -10
Draconis Combine: 5

Contract Registry: FS-OC-06-08 RECON - Drop fees: -50 WP, Mission Successful - 100 WP

Contract Registry: FS-OC-06-08 - CONTRACT COMPLETE
Unit Assigned: STEEL LEGION
Working for the: Federated Suns
In the: Federated Suns
To complete the following: Reconnaissance
System: Stein's Folly
Forces Recommended: 1 Lance
Contract Duration: 1 Month (15 Days in REAL TIME)
Employer Contact: Federated Suns: Field Marshal Ran Felsner
Jump/Drop Fees: 50 WP
Pay Rate: 100 WP
Support: None
Salvage Rights: None
Command: Independent

You are requested to provide reconnaissance data for a planned supply raid by the 5th Crucis Lancers. Scan all mechs located at a possible Capellan supply depot on the outskirts of the city of Travis.

Satellite Data:
Local Topography
Additional mission intelligence via local MilSat available. Cost: 10WP

Expenses - Intel 10 WP, repairs 45 WP

Battle Report Link

+++++++++BREAKING NEWS+++++++++

Capellan Confederation forces have launched an assault on the Federated Suns world of Stein's Folly. Capturing two Invasion Class jumpships, forces from both McCarron's Armoured Cavalry and St. Ives Armoured Cavalry assaulted the world. Hanse Davion has ordered the 17th Avalon Hussars and 5th Crucis Lancers to defend the region. Latest reports indicate that Davion dropships have been intercepted by Capellan aerospace cover and casualties are high.

Contract Registry: FS-OC-07-08 SUPPLY RAID - Drop Fees: -75WP, Mission Successful - 250 WP, salvaged 1 crippled CDA-2A Cicada

 Battle Report Link

Expenses - Repair Cicada, Spider, Jenner, bought Vindicator -

+++++++++BREAKING NEWS+++++++++

Capellan forces are withdrawing from the world of Stein's Folly after a protracted struggle that has left several major cities in ruins. Though FSAF forces have reclaimed the territory lost to the retreating Capellans, it seems that McCarron's Armoured Cavalry have raided the worlds stockpiled resources, ensuring what will likely be a global recession for many years to come. The Lyran Commonwealth has offered humanitarian aid to the injured civilians with the consent of First Prince Hanse Davion, sending several med-evac ships into Federated Suns space to provide badly needed supplies. Chancellor Maximilian Liao of the Capellan Confederation gave a speech describing the raid as a 'Glorious victory for the Capellan Confederation. The Fox has learnt that at least one state will not meekly submit to his depredations!" First Prince Hanse Davion was not available for comment.

++++++++STEINS FOLLY, JORDAN'S PASS+++++++++

*A blonde woman in combat fatigues gives the camera a dazzling smile*

Kat Krystal: "This is Kat Krystal for Federated News Services, coming to you live from the world of Stein's Folly. I'm currently accompanying the 17th Avalon Hussars toward Jordan's pass-"


Kat Krystal: "-and as you can hear, the Capellans are shelling the pass ahead in an attempt to prevent the Davion forces consolidating toward Steinsdown."


Kat Krystal: "Outside, I can see a Leopard dropship is landing - it's a mercenary vehicle! I'm heading over!"

*The camera shakes and follows Kat out of an APC toward a motley crew of figures emerging from a dropship*

Kat Krystal: "Who are these guys?"

Cameraman: "Steel Legion, I think."

Kat Krystal: "Steel Legion! Kat Krystal, Federated News Services, can I ask you guys a few questions?

*one of the mercs grins and wanders over*

Fawlkes: "What ho. Fawlkes Lessaaris, Steel Legion.

Kat Krystal: "I thought I recognised you! Mind answering a few questions?"

Fawlkes: "Certainly! Always a pleasure addressing my public!"

Kat Krystal: "The Steel Legion are a new face on the mercenary scene, can you tell us how you came together as a unit?"

Fawlkes: "Well, we were in a bar drinking, and someone said, and I quote: 'Ye kno' wha' we shoo do? Make a lanshe... a big lanshe...'
I have no idea who that was, but it seems to have worked out okay."

Kat Krystal: "You were previously employed as a Solaris VII gladiator, what made you sign up with a mercenary company?"

Fawlkes: "Scandal! I was cheated! I prefer not to talk about it, but you can quote me as I was cheated!"

Kat Krystal: "The Federated Suns are not normally reliant on mercenaries - is your contract a sign of desperation in the face of overwhelming Capellan force?"

Fawlkes: "Oh heavens no. I think they just want someone to go do the dirty jobs they wouldn't normally sully their oh-so-honourable paws with."

Kat Krystal: "The fighting on Stein's Folly has been seen as an inevitable Capellan victory - do you think the Federated Suns can defend their world?"

Fawlkes: "Yes. Don't ask me why, but I think yes."

Kat Krystal: "There have been rumours of Capellan soldiers committing atrocities in breach of the Ares conventions - have you seen any evidence of this?"

Fawlkes: "Damn straight I have! Using a Griffon and a Jaegermech against a recon lance! Most unsporting!"

*A siren sounds and the sound of muffled explosions begins again*

Kat Krystal: "Well, that's all we have time for! Looks like the Capellans are starting another bombardment. This is Kat Krystal, Stein's Folly, your eyes and ears in the heart of the action!"

*Cut to FNS newscaster*

Charlie Reddick: "Thanks Kat! And now sports. The latest from Solaris VII...

Contract Registry: CW-OC-08-08 RAID - Drop Fees: 75 WP, Mission Successful - 350 WP, exchanged Cicada for Assassin

Contract Registry: CW-OC-08-08 CONTRACT COMPLETE
Unit Assigned: Steel Legion
Working for the: Cerulean Waters
In the: Federated Suns
To complete the following: Raid
System: Kentwood
Forces Recommended: 1 Lance
Contract Duration: 1 Month (15 Days in REAL TIME)
Employer Contact: Cerulean Waters
Jump/Drop Fees: 75 WP
Pay Rate: 300 - 350 WP
Support: Jump Infantry Lance
Salvage Rights: Exchange Rights
Command: Independent

Cerulean Waters have been the subject of frequent pirate attacks on their ice ships. The pirates are unidentified but many of their mechs are marked with a horned skull on the arms or chest. Ice ships consist of a large iceberg several kilometers in length, fitted with maneuvering thrusters, crew quarters and a bridge. Whoever the pirates are, they have access to their own jumpship and have successfully hijacked ice ships and guided them to a jump point on several occasions.

The mission objective is to stage a counter assault a hijacked ice ship and successfully scan and identify the bridge, then allow the jump infantry lance to assault it. Mechwarriors should be prepared for low temperatures and zero-gravity conditions.

Cerulean Waters are prepared to offer exchange rights on salvage, should any captured mechs prove desirable.

Scan and identify the Bridge: 50 WP
Successfully capture the bridge: 150 WP
Eliminate all resistance: 100WP

Bonus objective: Successfully capturing a pirate mechwarrior will be rewarded with a 50 WP bounty and additional contracted work.

Repaired - Assassin, Vindicator, Panther - current 315 WP

Contract Registry: CW-OC-09-08 OFFENSIVE CAMPAIGN - Drop Fees 200 WP, Intel 15 WP, Mission Successful, salvaged Dervish and destroyed Ostscout

Contract Registry: CW-OC-09-08 CONTRACT COMPLETE
Unit Assigned: Steel Legion
Working for the: Cerulean Waters
In the: Periphery
To complete the following: Offensive Campaign
System: Kentwood
Forces Recommended: 2 Lances
Contract Duration: 3 Months (45 Days in REAL TIME)
Employer Contact: Cerulean Waters
Jump/Drop Fees: 200 WP
Pay Rate: 400 WP
Support: Leopard Class Dropship Makoto, Cheetah-R "Lookout"
Salvage Rights: Full
Command: Independent

The pirate company that has moved against Cerulean waters has been identified as the Badlands Banditos. Their base of operations is a an old colony in the Badlands Cluster. Last contact with the colony was during the Second Succession war. It is presumed that the original colony is now a haven for pirates.

Dropshop Makoto has been contracted to provide support for the duration of this mission and will provide long ranged fire support during engagements.

Your mission goals are as follows:

- disable/destroy the deployed solar array that the Banditos use to recharge their jump-ship's Kearney-Fuchida drive. This can be done manually by planting fusion charges at key points on the deployed solar array or by employing the dropship Makoto at a cost of 50 WP (payment 100 WP)

- destroy the Fusion power-plant that powers the pirate base defenses (payment 100 WP)

- destroy the sensor array on the nearby moon. (payment 100 WP)

- destroy the aerospace fighter launch strip (payment 100 WP)

You are granted independent command and full discretion as to how you approach these objectives.

A reconnaissance Cheetah-R is available to gather intel on each objective at a cost of 25 WP per recon run.

Cerulean Waters authorizes full salvage rights for all battlemechs destroyed or crippled during this campaign.

Star Map

Repaired - Hermes II, Assassin, Spider, Jenner, Vindicator, Dervish, Ostscout, Panther, bought reloads, hired Mechwarrior Chris Kartini (Gunnery 4, Piloting 5) Current 152 WP

Contract Registry: DC-OC-10-01 RECON AND ESCORT - Drop Fees 100 WP, Mission Successful 250WP, Ransom of Fawlkes plus Jenner -90WP.

Contract Registry: DC-OC-10-01 CONTRACT COMPLETE
Unit Assigned: Unassigned
Working for the: Draconis Combine
In the: Federated Suns
To complete the following: Recon and Escort
System: Galtor
Forces Recommended: 1 Lance
Contract Duration: 1 Month (15 Days in REAL TIME)
Employer Contact: 11th Benjamin Regulars
Jump/Drop Fees: 100 WP
Pay Rate: 250 WP
Support: 3 x Koryu Class Submarines, 3 x DEST commando squads
Command: Independent

An advance unit of fast scout ’Mechs is required to seek out a suspected Davion underwater planetary command base in the waters off Changlee prior to an assault on the city. Expect heavy resistance from Neptune class hunter-killer submarines and at least one garrison lance (which turned out to be the Fox Hounds).

1. Infiltrate - at least one Koryu must dock with the base.If this is done, the DEST squad carries explosives to destroy the base in case their attempts to capture it
should fail. The Koryu enters a docking bay to disembark the DEST squad). [Reward: 150WP]
2. Hunters Hunted - a bonus of 100 WP will be paid for successfully destroying the Neptune Hunter-killer sub.

Aquatic survival cockpit mods and torpedo launchers will be provided for this mission.

Caution - the area is not far from a reserve of mega-fauna and some of the beasts may stray onto the battlefield.

Planetary Data

Star Type (Recharge Time): F8V (179 hours)
Position in System: 3
Time to Jump Point: 12.01 days
Number of Satellites: 2 (Temos and Froma)
Surface Gravity: 1.0
Atm. Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Equatorial Temperature: 45° C (Jungle)
Surface Water: 70 percent
Recharging Station: None
HPG Class Type: B
Highest Native Life: Mammal

Galtor III
The Steel Legion -accompanied by DCMS allied Mechs- wracked up an impressive kill count during this mission, destroying two AFFS Assault Mechs temporarily piloted by the Fox Hounds. While Fawlkes was captured on this mission he (and his Mech) were ransomed back to the Steel Legion by their fellow mercenaries. On the other, Fox Hound pilots Domino and Vike nearly died when their mechs were destroyed. Vike in particularly suffered heavily from the bends, as the Fox Hound's borrowed mechs had not been fitted with underwater cockpit modules.

Current 212WP

Mech status: Vindicator, Dervish, Ostscout, Assassin, Jenner - all lightly damaged

Repaired Vindicator, Dervish, Assassin and Jenner Current: 107WP

Contract Registry: DC-OC-10-02 -  Drop Fees 100WP, Mission Successful 250WP

Contract Registry: DC-OC-10-02 CONTRACT COMPLETE
Unit Assigned: Steel Legion
Working for the: Draconis Combine
In the: Federated Suns
To complete the following: Garrison
System: Galtor
Forces Recommended: 1 Lance
Contract Duration: 1 Month (15 Days in REAL TIME)
Employer Contact: 11th Benjamin Regulars
Jump/Drop Fees: 100 WP
Pay Rate: 250 WP
Support: 1 minelaying APC, 6 units of garrison infantry, 3 hover APCs.
Command: Political Officer Chu-i Yuri Voskov

The Federated Suns are on the defensive but have deployed fast strike lances to harry the DCMS supply trains. Your lance is to supply security for a supply station housing hover APC's, DCMS infantry, Thumper artillery, ammo supply dumps and a Mobile HQ.

Expected opposition: The Federated Suns has deployed fast strike lances with flamer equipped light battlemechs and the new Savannah Master hovercraft. Prevent them from sabotaging the supply train.
Note: The Steel Legion were somewhat surprised by the effectiveness of the Savannah Master craft, but managed to defeat the attack without too much difficulty.

Mech status: Vindicator, Dervish, Ostscout, Assassin, Jenner, Panther - all lightly damaged

Current: 257WP

Repaired: Panther, Vindicator, Dervish

Current: 172 WP


            +++++++++DCMS TO WITHDRAW FROM GALTOR?+++++++++
The Last Kuritan Dropship leaves Galtor
As Warlord Yorioshi's forces leave the planet of Galtor, AFFS forces are bearing down on the last vestiges of the DCMS invasion force. Warlord Samsonov's forces have put up heavy resistance but with both Chang Lee and New Derry reclaimed by the AFFS, the situation seems untenable for the Galedon Regulars. With typical ruthlessness, Yorioshi employed a scorched earth policy in his retreat and the city of New Derry is now a ruin, whilst Chang Lee's field hospitals are flooded with refugees and injured civilians. Despite heavy losses on both sides the Avalon Hussars and Crucis Lancers have pushed the Galedon Warlord back to his original drop site and Lt General Tallman is leading the final assault, promoted to command after the deaths of several of her superiors during the conflict. 




A wall of mechs stand in parade formation behind a raised dais, resplendent in the colours of the Galedon Regulars, the Benjamin Regulars and the Sword Of Light. One mech towers above the others, a gigantic Atlas with polished golden trim and modified Lord's Light PPC's adorning it's forearms. Beneath the looming bulk of the Atlas stands a raised dais and assembled before it are the Busosenshi of the Galtor invasion force. The mechwarriors stand proudly, red uniforms pristine, each one bearing a ceremonial daisho through a sash at his waist. The camera pans across the ranks of soldiers before focusing on the dais. A commentator speaks in hurried Japanese, the respectful yet strident tones typical of the sycophantic Combine media machine. As the camera zooms in, the commentator speaks at length about the bravery, wisdom and sagacity of the figure on the stage, a stocky man with harsh features, jet-black hair and heavy brows that seem to bristle with irritation. A hush falls and Warlord Grieg Samsonov begins to speak:
Warlord Samsanov

"Warriors! The Dragon is pleased!"

A deep throated rumble of approval runs through the crowd.

"Warlord Yorioshi's forces have quit the field and we will withdraw soon, but not before teaching the Fox the cost of confonting the Dragon! You have all fought bravely in the face of a foe that fought without honour, a foe that from ambush and fled before our superior warriors. The AFFS fought like cowardly curs and in his wisdom, the Coordinator has employed dogs of his own."

Several glances are cast toward five mechwarriors, still wearing fatigues and cooling vests.
Steel Legion
"The Steel Legion were... instrumental in destroying a raiding force of the new Savannah Masters. Chu-i Voskov advises they were even of some small assistance in capturing one of these new hovercraft, to be analysed by our scientists on Luthien."

One of the Steel Legion looks like he is about to protest but is kicked in the ankle by a scarred comrade and closes his mouth.

"I promised that any who defeated these raiders would be awarded the Bushido Blade and I will keep my word, even to masterless wave-men. Step forward, mercenaries."

The Steel Legion glance at each other and then one of their number mounts the first step of the dais. The mercenary, a young man of japanese descent, begins to speak in halting tones:

"Honoured Tai-shu, it gives me great honour to be presented with this award for services rendered to my homeland. It has been a balm to my troubled soul to be of help to the mighty Dragon. However, I must beg your forgiveness, for I can no longer ignore the path of giri and must clear the name of Master Fuhito"

A murmur sweeps the room and Samsonov's brow furrows.

"You speak of traitors who are best forgotten, mercenary."

The young man shakes his head and levels a finger at one of the assembled officers. The accused's face blanches in shock and outrage.

"Ie!There stands the honourless dog who framed my master to hide his own treacherous ways. I have proof which will allow my master to rest in peace and for me to live my life with honour again!"

The ronin falls to his knees and presses his forehead to the dais before the Warlord.

"Please honoured Samsonov-sama, grant me leave to do what is right and just. I shall not proceed in this place without your consent for that would dishonour you and the Dragon which has never been my aim."

The warlord stares hard at the officer for a long moment. Samsonov gives a grunt of disapproval then turns his gaze back to the pleading mercenary. In the background the commentator can be heard talking rapidly and fearfully, demanding the holovid operator cut the transmission.

"If your evidence bears out, what would you ask of me ronin? You have abandoned the Dragon and your words mean little and are worth less. Yet your deeds are worthy of some reward. Speak."

The ronin looks up at Samsonov, his gaze clear, his voice steady.

"I challenge Sho-Sa Barrabas Hideyoshi to an honour duel. Let the this duel decide who shall rot in hell as an honourless dog for all time. I will accept whatever form he chooses for the duel as my masters spirit will guide me to victory."

With a burst of static, the camera tilts and the transmission is cut.

Duel with Barrabas Hideyoshi

Link to Battle Report

Hideyoshi treachery brought an entire lance to what was ostensibly a private duel. However, the rest of the Steel Legion intervened. Hideyoshi was defeated but ejected from his Mech after triggering a reactor explosion that caused extensive property damage and destroyed a university. The Steel Legion suffered censure for the battle, which took place in the middle of a city in clear violation of the Ares Conventions. Furthermore, a local university was destroyed during the fighting, with heavy civilian casualties. Their reputation scores have suffered as a result.

Vindicator, Dervish, Ostscout, Jenner, Panther, Hermes II, Assassin - all lightly damaged, Dragon - destroyed and captured by Steel Legion.

Fox Hounds: Award Ceremony on Galtor III

Shortly after news of the duel in New Derry makes it's away across Galtor III, the Fox Hounds are presented with the Dragon Slayer Robbon by Prince's Champion Arden Sortek in the city of Cheng Lee.
After accepting the Dragon Slayer flag,  Lishka (the Fox Hound's tactician) had this to say to the people of Galtor III:
Lishka, photo-captured outside a Cheng Lee Nightclub.
"People of the Federated Suns, I had come here planning to make some flippant remark that you need not fear any of the FoxHounds challenging the Prince's Champion or his staff to a duel." Her face darkens. "Obviously, that would no longer be appropriate. Let it be known that we, the Fox Hounds, would never countenance such hideous acts of barbarity as have been perpetrated by the Steel Legion on the good people of Galtor III. Instead, I make this promise: When next our paths cross, the Fox Hounds will stop at nothing, save to obey the limits of honourable warfare imposed by the Ares Conventions, to bring the Steel Legion to heel!" She punches her first in the air and shouts "JUSTICE FOR GALTOR III!"


A press conference was called today by the Steel Legion mercenary company. Spokesman Tiberius Valentino addressed recent accusations of their participation in the recent urban devastation on Galtor III.
The camera cuts to a podium bearing the Steel Legion crest as a Mercenary in a immaculately pressed uniform addresses the assembled reporters.

“My name is Tiberius Valentino and on behalf of my fellow members of the Legion and myself I would like to read the following prepared statement.
Tiberius of the Steel Legion
We in the Legion would like to express our deepest regret for any civilians who may have suffered a loss of property during the recent actions on Galtor III and in the city of New Derry in particular. While we will not comment on the actions of the DCMS withdrawal from the region, the Legion's stance is that such damage should be avoided wherever possible but that it is an unfortunate fact of life that this is not always the case. There are those who would seek to glamorize warfare through poorly made, voyeuristic and quite frankly, gaudy holo-dramas, who would have you believe otherwise. However, the conflict on Galtor III was a very real and serious affair. To present it as otherwise is not only disrespectful to those who have fought but also dishonors the memory of those who have fallen on both sides.

That being said, the damage inflicted upon the New Derry University was wholly unacceptable. Responsibility for these actions can be laid squarely at the feet of one Barrabas Hideyoshi, formerly a Sho-Sa in the DCMS. His unwarranted and cowardly actions led to this wanton destruction. Hideyoshi is now a wanted fugitive and has chosen to flee rather than face punishment for his crimes.

It is also important to note that although significant property damage was sustained, the area had been evacuated and that there were no civilian casualties. Any attempts by other parties to claim otherwise or to accuse the Steel Legion of complicity in Hideyoshi's actions are nothing more than a blatantly slanderous attempt to discredit the Legion. Rest assured that the Steel Legion will be fully cooperating with the ISF and any other intelligence or security organisation in their attempts to apprehend Hideyoshi and see that he faces justice for his actions.

That's all for now. Thank you for listening, ladies and gentlemen.”


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