Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Applying for the Catalyst Demo Team

This particular blog has been essentially dead for almost a year now; not having been able to play anything other than GW games at the local group has left me with precious little to write about. However, I've recently applied to join the Catalyst Demo team and so there will hopefully be a lot more Battletech related content on this website soon. This announcement might be somewhat premature as I haven't actually been accepted yet (I've only just finished filling out the forms) but whether or not I'm accepted as a member of the team, I intend to start running demo games around the county regardless.

I've been looking for local Battletech players since I moved down to Kent almost exactly two years ago now, but while I've found a few scattered players here and there (most notably Clint) I haven't really been able to get a game in due to a combination of my long working hours painting miniatures and the issue of travel times.

Now that I'm once again a student however, I've got a bit more time on my hands to spend travelling and gaming. I've already started introducing Battletech to my local gaming group and I have another game planned for tomorrow.

If I still have half a brain, I'll try to take some photographs of the game and get them posted. Failing that, I'll at least put up a few photographs of the miniatures I've been painting recently.