Aftermath: Post Apocalypse

For centuries, decades even, there had been talk of the end-times. Fears of the Rapture, Nuclear War, Ancient Prophecies, Alien Invasion, Meteor Strikes, Fuel Crisis, Super-flu, Zombie-Plagues, Super Volcanoes, Zombie Plagues, Demonic Incursions, Robot Rebellions, Economic Collapse, Melting Ice Caps, Greenhouse Gasses released by for. 

What no one expected, was for all of it to happen at once.

When the smoke and dust cleared, earth was left a wasteland. The few nations and major cities to survive walled themselves off from the world, becoming the PZ's, or Policed Zones. Bastions of civilisation, education, science - and oppression. Only the Wastelanders, those cursed to live and roam in the Wastes, are truly free.

Free to hunt. Free to scavenge. Free to kill.

Mission Statement:
 Aftermath is my PA skirmish war-game setting ( and the title for my inevitable pet home-brew rules). It's a kitchen sink setting with room for just about everything and anything PA. Until my home made rules are ready, I'll be using the 40K: Rogue Trader rules to play PA games.

Why 40K Rogue Trader:
Because the original 40K Rogue Trader game was designed from the ground up as a "kitchen sink" set of narrative skirmish sci-fi rules. Unlike the modern 40K game, where the conflicting groups are more of less organized armies, Rogue Trader allows you to create just about any type of force you can imagine, from a group of Wasteland Scavengers and mutants to a crew of road-warriors. And, if points value driven games are your thing, you can even assign a points value to your mooks based not only on their equipment, but on their stat line too.

What About These Rules You're Developing:
Frankly, they're a work in progress, designed to incorporate the very best elements of a number of game systems. Essentially, I'll be taking the following elements from each of the named game systems below and weaving them into a (hopefully) coherent whole.
[] From 40K Rogue Trader I'll be taking the ability to create creatures and vehicles from scratch and still being able to assign a rough points value for each trait.
[] From Necromunda I'll be modifying the rules for acquiring and running territories.
[] From Gorka Morka I'll be looking at vehicle combat and maintenance.
[] From In The Emperor's Name I'll be modifying the Solo-Campaign and Combat rules.
[] From the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game I'll be taking the Skill Tree and Hero/Minion experience scheme.

Articles so Far:
This isn't really a new project so much as kick-starting an older project I had to abandon in October last year, when most of my Post Apocalypse terrain and miniatures went into storage prior to moving down to Kent. Well, now that I've been here for a grand total of three weeks, it's time I got started again. In the meantime, here's some previous blog posts you might want to take a look at:

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