Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Battletech: The Fox Hounds Graduate

Last night, the Foxhounds completed their final training exercise: a raid on a well defended facility. The raid began badly when Ranger's Locust walked right into a hidden medium laser turret and two platoons of infantry, losing it's right leg only seconds into the action.

Meanwhile, Scarlett in her simulated Valkyrie, Domino in her simulated Falcon and Vike in his simulated Commando set about destroying the buildings in question. Ranger's piloting skills were impressive, as his damaged Mech regained it's feet and proceeded to hose down the infantry, then destroy two laser turrets and a building. Although his Mech was a wreck by the time his fellow destroyed the last building and began to retreat, Striker kept some of the defenders busy (and provided his crippled Mech with some breathing room) by setting fire to a few acres of forest. Using the smoke to aid his escape and evasion plan, he abandoned his (simulated) Mech and escaped in the smoke. Meanwhile, just as Vike was about to follow both Scarlett and Domino from the board, he took a PPC hit in the back that crippled his Mech. His attempts to crawl to safety were ultimately unsuccessful. Only two Mechs escaped in this, the groups least successful training mission to date. Although the mission was accomplished, this was the first time anyone in the lance had ever actually lost a Mech.

Aftermath: XP and Mech Selection:

With their sponsor still very pleased, the Foxhounds were presented with their Mechs; a Javelin, an Assassin, a Commando and a Valkyrie. Although Lishka/Scarlett scored highest in her training exercise, she graciously allowed Ranger to choose the fist mech. However, it soon became apparent that all the pilots favoured a different Mech. Therefore, every Pilot got the Mech they wanted. Ranger took the Commando, Scarlett took the Javelin. Vike chose the Valkyrie while Domino acquired a shiny new Assassin.

With 4 xp each, Scarlett and Vike chose to improve their piloting skills. Ranger and Domino elected to save their xp in the meantime, wanting to increase their gunnery skills (at 8xp per increase) as soon as possible.

Note: I've updated the pilot roster for the Foxhounds on the Battletech page with new Mech Assignments, Pilot Stats and Career Events. Just click on the tab at the top of the page.

First Contract:

Although presented with a double-mission to provide security for an Isotech dig-site, the Foxhounds decided that the expected opposition would be too heavy for too little reward (no salvage rights). Instead, they accepted a contract to provide an escort for medical convoys targeted by pirates.The contract has the added advantages of Independent Command (the employer won't be giving any orders), at least some salvage rights, a bounty on downed enemy Mechs and great publicity if successful. However, much of the pay will need to go towards paying the Jump Fee's to their next assignment, Great Gorge being something of a back-water planet.

Contract Registry: FS-OC-08-08
Unit Assigned: Unassigned
Working for the: Federated Suns
In the: Federated Suns
To complete the following: Escort
System: Great Gorge
Forces Recommended: 1 Lance
Contract Duration: 1 Month (15 Days in REAL TIME)
Employer Contact: Losart Ulitock, Marquis of Great Gorge
Jump/Drop Fees: 50 WP
Pay Rate: 100 WP
Support: None
Salvage Rights: Low
Command: Independent

You are requested to provide escort for a shipment of medical supplies being transported from New Stockden to Gorge View. Pirate activity from the Tortuga Dominions has been hitting shipments. Ensure the shipment reaches Gorge view unharmed. A 5 WP bounty will be paid for each destroyed pirate mech.

Planetary System Data:

Star Type A3V
Position in System 5
Time to Jump Point 21 Days
Recharging Station None
HPG Facility Class B
Percent, Level of Native Life 40%, Primitive Plants
Planetary Capital New Stockdon



  1. This is awesome. Could you speak a little as to how the campaign will run from turn to turn? Is there a standard BTech campaign system that I'm not aware of?

  2. Our campaign is using a modified version of the campaign system outlined in the Sword and Dragon supplement.

    We're sort of playing Battletech as a roleplay-lite wargame. We discuss tactics, logistics and what contracts to take in-character as our Mechwarriors. The four "training" scenario's we just played were one of Dougal (the Ref's) modifications to the Sword and Dragon book. Most of us haven't played BT in years, so he came up with these scenarios to teach us the rules again as we played.

    One of the things we're doing differently is that we're using our own Merc units rather than the units provided in Sword and Dragon. I'm one of four players in The Foxhounds merc lance. Another 4 players formed the Steel Legion merc lance. We also have a ninth player, who manages the campaign and controls the opposition forces during games.

    While the two merc units aren't necessarily supposed to be enemies, depending on the contracts we choose we could find ourselves fighting each other from time to time.

    The other thing that we're doing differently is having each player begin with just a single pilot. Over time, as the two merc companies grow, we may each end up controlling multiple Mech's, tanks, infantry and the like. Even then, our starting Mechwarriors (assuming they survive) will remain our alter-egos.