Tuesday, 17 July 2012

40K Journeyman League

Shriven Colour Scheme.
We're going to be starting a new 40K League over at my local gaming group. Unusually for us, this will a  "Journeyman League" in the Warmachine/Hordes style. Each players starts a new army with 500pts and builds it into a full army between now and the end of 2012.  After some humming and hawing, I've settled on a Chaos Space Marine List. I'll be resurrecting "The Shriven", my old CSM Warband from about ten years ago. The fluff behind these guys is that they're a break-away faction of the Black Legion. Disgusted by the "weakness" of Abbaddon and the hubris of Warmaster Horus, they have rejected their Black Legion heritage to embrace the doctrines of the pre-Horus Luna Wolves.

For the Shriven, Chaos is merely a means to an end. They do not worship the Chaos Powers as Gods, regarding them as being no more divine than the Emperor, merely Warp entities of great power. Only through harnessing the power of the Warp, so the Shriven say, can humanity become powerful enough to rid itself of Xenos filth and the twisted superstitions of the Imperial Cult.

Needless to say, these beliefs do not make them popular with their Brother Chaos Marines, let alone anyone else.

The presence of Berserkers, Noise Guard Death Guard and Thousand Son's marines within the ranks is due to a mixture of warrior lodges within the Warband that favour the combat doctrine of one Chaos Power in particular (with the exception of the Thousands Sons, are basically Thousand Son's that have thrown in with the warband).

The image above is the Shriven Colour Scheme, (re)created using the Chaos Marine Painter at Bolter and Chainsword. They host a painter for Imperial Space Marines as well. Their symbol is a wolf's head, so I'll be hitting up my Space Puppy playing friends for spare Great Company transfers.

For the first month of the campaign, we've to assemble and paint a 500 point list. I'll be posting up images as soon as I get them painted (they haven't even arrived yet). For now, here's my initial list:

Chaos Lord with Poweraxe and Mark of Khorne. Cost: 115.

5 Chaos Space Marines. 1 has Plasmagun. 90 points.

5 Chaos Space Marines. 1 has Plasmagun. 90 points.

5 Khorne Berserkers. 105 points.

Heavy Support:
Chaos Dreadnaught with Multi-melta and close combat arm. 100 points

Total: 500 points.


  1. Love the paint scheme - can't wait to see these guys painted up! Especially that Dreadnaught...

  2. Sounds very cool. I like the backstory of the Shriven.

  3. Thanks guys. The Dread is a converted Melta-Dread from the Black-Reach set with Various chaos bits and a Daemon head bolted on. I figure they captured it from some loyalist marines at some point. I'll maybe have the previous loyalist colour scheme show through under the scratches.