Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Warhammer 40K Featured on the BBC

Reading this you would think there aren't any other companies out there bar GW. But then, most non-gamers have only heard of GW after all.


  1. I think its the fact the company/corporation has now been around for 25yrs. Its amazing how narrowminded some people are having had a read through the comments.

  2. So true. But then I don't have much respect for GW. My reasoning? Well, back when role playing games and figures for said games were just becoming popular, Cardiff had a specialist shop F.C.Parkers where you could buy anything relating to rpg - it was gamers' heaven. They then moved shop in a deal with GW to become the sole stockist in Cardiff for everything GW, who even paid for the set up of said new shop.

    Well, to cut this short, GW forced F.C.Parker out - they basically withdrew their support and reduced their stock deliveries until Parkers were getting zero stock from them. Why? Because GW were setting up their own shop across the road. And that was when F.C.Parkers became no more and the independent rp game shop vanished from Cardiff altogether.

    There is another example where two of GW main miniature makers (I think they were siblings by the name of Perry?) left to form their own miniature making business, and did ok in the beginning, but GW soon put an end to them also.

    Ral Partha used to be popular, but they seem to have vanished too. So, no, I'm no fan of Games Workshop and their stupidly high priced games, figures and paints, but then, when you have a generation of kids who know no different and get everything they ask for from their parents, companies like GW are sitting pretty.

    Oh yes, GW also killed off White Dwarf magazine - once they took it over they eventually turned it into a GW catalogue.

  3. Yes, I very much agree. That being said, a lot of those young kids that Games Workshop brought into the hobby only got involved because GW was out there in their faces on the highstreet. Many of these kids eventually branch out into other games produced by other companies. Often it's because they hear some oldster like ourselves who (braving GW's in your face selling methods) answer the inevitable question: "What army are you painting?" by responding at length about the various non-GW games they play.