Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Quick Tomorrow's War Update

I haven't managed to squeeze in much time for working on my 15mm Tomorrow's War miniatures or scenery in the last month or so. But here's a few photographs of what I've managed to strike off the painting list.
15mm Colonial Police Anti-Tank section (Khurasan Neo-Sovs)

I still have about fifty 15mm Khurasan Neo-Sovs infantry and a dozen vehicles to paint, and a whole wad of scenery in need of completion. I imagine it'll be some time yet before their all completed.


  1. WTF... I recognized your strips of windows from a hovercraft kit that also ended up in my bitz box. I see the gubbins on the roof are from the same kit. What are the odds?

  2. They've got to be sky high. That old hovercraft kit I used must be twenty years old at least!