Saturday, 10 March 2012

In the Emperor's Name Campaign Update

We've had a few delays, but finally we're about to begin our Wh40K In the Emperor's Name campaign. We have a good selection of forces, with the Imperium so far being somewhat under-represented in comparison to the Xenos and Traitor retinues. Given that there were be limited opportunities to receive reinforcements during the campaign, it's perhaps not surprising that most of the players have chosen forces with good grit values. It remains to be seen whether this will be a wise choice. After all, with such expensive figures, one or two casualties failing to recover from wounds after a game can be crippling.

We have ten confirmed players and 1 referee (me). Most of the retinue lists are in but one player signed up late and has still to finalise his.

So far we have:

Imperial Retinues:
Ordo Xenos Warband
Space Wolf Warband

Chaos Cultist Warband
Night Lord Warband
Death Guard Warband

3x Ork Warbands
1x Harlequin Warband
1x Eldar Pirates Warband.

The first campaign month runs between this coming Tuesday and the second Tuesday in April. I'll be listing the match-ups for the first month's compulsory games on Sunday, once I've received the final warband roster.

Edit: The final warband is in. Another Ork mob leaving us with three orc players.

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  1. Sounds like a promising campaign with a nice mix of warbands.