Friday, 30 March 2012

Heavy Gear Army and Wreck

Here's some photographs of the completed (Gear component) of my Risen Falcon Emirate army for Heavy Gear. They took all of six hours to paint over the course of two days. I've based them on 30mm round bases rather than the traditional hex bases. Given that range in Heavy Gear is measured from base to base, I've put myself at a slight disadvantage. But the majority of these gears fit better onto the 30mm bases than the six-siders.

In keeping with my "don't buy it if you can't use it with multiple systems" philosophy, these 12mm scale Gear's will double up as power-armoured SWAT teams in games of Tomorrow's War.

Fire Support Section

Honour Guard Section

GP Section.

This last mini isn't actually one of mine. My cheeky mate and CEF player Andy handed me this guy before our first game (last Tuesday) and said, "Paint him in your colours for me will you?". It's a sensible suggestion. This is a wrecked Jaeger, after all, and as I'm the only Southern player at Glasgow Gaming Group, dead Jeg might as well be painted as one of mine.


  1. These look very nicely done! I particularly like the dis-assembled one in the last picture-excellent!

  2. It balances out with the bases, as you've given yourself an extra 1mm of range as well. As I've said before looks great. And only six hours!! Swine.