Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Post Apocalypse: Aftermath Update

I've been busy with work, but I've still managed to keep this project going by snatching a few moments here and there while waiting for customer's orders to dry and by getting up a little earlier than normal.

First up, we have some painted denizens of Post-Crash earth.

This gorgeous young lass was named Lucine by (I think) Lucky Joe when I first posted her pics on the Lead Legion blog. She represents a member of the Wastelander faction - a mixture of PA settlers looking for a quiet life and the adventurous types that look out for them. Specifically, she's an Adventurer, the second most experienced (and expensive) type of Fighter in a Wastelander gang after the Hero.

This fella here doesn't have a name on the roster yet, but I plan on having two uses for him. You can't see it in the photo, but his left arm is synthetic. So hell see use as both a Wastelander hero and as a Bot Infiltrator in Aftermath play tests.

Young Spike here belongs to the Raider play test gang, and was it's first member to be painted. I haven't quite settled on a name for the type of fighter that fills the "Juve" spot on Raider gang rosters, but when I do I'll let you know. 

This here is his buddy, a typical Raider Thug. He has a passing resemblance to a certain actor whose name I don't recall (he was the hero in Battlefield Earth and the journalist in We Were Soldiers). Once I do, this miniature will have his official play-test name.

 This guys a Desperado, the leader of a Scavvie gang. Scavvie gangs don't tend to have much in the way of sophisticated gear as they have a hard time keeping energy weapons serviceable (the dust gets everywhere in the deep wastes). They make up for this with ferocity and cunning however. And (seemingly) really big axes too.

The Scavvie gang as it stands today. Scavvies are very cheap in terms of points, so I'll need a LOT more of these guys before I have a play-test worthy force.

I haven't just been painting minis, I've been building terrain as well. A while back I posted about making modular building walls by using basing foam card on C.D's. I got about eight of them assembled before I remembered I had all this card terrain I bought on PDF years ago. Doh! I haven't abandoned the old CD idea altogether. The building bits I made will be painted up eventually, but for the time being I'm gonna concentrate on easier to make card buildings. Here's a work in progress. The round thing out front is a plant pot that some Scavvie has been using as a brazier.

Bloody scavvies.

Next up we have a Perry Miniatures North American Farm House I painted for Lead Legion Painting Service. As someone (Lucky Joe again?) pointed out, this building could be used in just about any genre from the 17th century onwards. It looks like it would be perfect for Post Apocalypse games. The chimney was left off so that the roof (which is supposed to be glued on) can be detached. This handy little set also came with white picket fencing. Also very useful for PA.

 Finally, we have my pride and joy. I call it the Battle Bus. I reckon this is an incredibly versatile piece of terrain. In one battle it's a roadblock, in another, a pill-box. In other, it's the gate to a Wasteland Fortress. Hell, it could even be used as a functioning vehicle. Looking at the graffiti, I hope you can see that I've tried to form a narrative about the life of this bus. It's gone from being the home of stranded survivors, to a Raider gang territory marker and now (finally) a danger sign warning about the mutant creatures that presumably wiped the gang out. It's my absolute favourite terrain piece. Even the huge and ugly mould line along the roof (made of such bad quality plastic that it actually shattered when I tried to file it off) can't marr my pride in this little number.

In a few days, I'll be doing a similar update for my 15mm Bad Landing campaign setting. I've some scenery and some miniatures to show off -as well as a revised "Encyclopedia Galaxia" entry for the Colony.


  1. Gangers are great. Though I must say..Th bus is excellent!! It really has a lot of uses. You could put small pieces of cloth in the windows for an added touch to it.

  2. Now there's an idea. Great suggestion Lord Siwoc. Thanks.

  3. Oh, man. Great post tonight. The minis are just beautiful. My favorite is Lucine, but the Desperado is awesome, too. I love the Scavvie gang. So much eye candy in this article, That ruin looks great and is also very playable. The Farmhouse is lovely, but I have to say I like the bus best of all. I love the way you had the graffiti tell the story. That's just brilliant. You are really bringing your A-game tonight.

  4. Thank you. There's not much there you might not have seen posted elsewhere, but I'm really very proud of that bus. Maybe I should've done the terrain part first?

  5. +1 for the bus, great work on everything!

    1. Thank you Spacejacker. I've always admired your work in 15mm, so that comment is very much appreciated.

  6. Like Lucky Joe, really digging the bus, and the ruin is very nice too. Not saying the figures aren't really good, but those are my favourites.

    For your gangs I'd try and come up with names for each rank for each gang if possible. For your raiders something like "new bloods" or "unblooded" (as in they haven't killed yet) might be good.

  7. Thanks Mecha. I'd been thinking along those lines already. I had a brainstorming session last night and came up with names for the Raider gangs: Warlord (Leader), Brute (Heavy), Thug (normal fighter), Juicer (drugged-up berserker crazy) and Dirt (Juve). I was thinking of calling the Juves "Probies" but figured I should leave that one for the Biker gangs.

  8. Just to echo what has already been said-great post! And what is it about that bus! Just terrific! Minis great as well, but...well, it's all been covered!