Tuesday, 20 March 2012

ItEN Campaign: Month 1 Update and Mini-Battle Reports

So far, four warbands have met in the clash to locate and seize the Malegaunt Standard Template Construction Device. The photo's aren't great: the lighting in our whole isn't the greatest but the lads did what they could with mobile phones and the like.

Battle 1:
Amidst the ruins of the Adeptus Arbites Precinct, the Death Guard  of Papa Nurgle met and engaged the Ork's of Craigs's as yet unnamed Ork warband. Though the mighty war boss managed to find and recover a data-slate listing the Arbites Guard Rota, the cost was grim and terrible. Caught up in their unholy battle-glee, the Death Guard marines completely disregarded their mission in favour of inflicting calamitous casualties on the Ork warband, made all the more vulnerable by the absence of any Squigs or gretchin meat-shields on the battlefield. In the end, the green-skins managed to escape with their valuable data via a handy broken window, yet seven of their number bled their last on the gore-soaked rubble. Papa Nurgle and his small band sustained no casualties.

(I'm still waiting on photographs of this scrap being emailed to me. There aren't many. In the heat of the battle, about six turns went by before anyone remembered to take any).

Battle 2:
The second battle of the Malegaunt STC was a bloody green-on-green affair.  The Orks of Graeme and Nick met in a raging battle in the Adeptus Mechanicus district. Atop a mighty Ziggerut in the main Biologos facility, Graeme's warboss held the pinnacle long enough to download the senior Magos Biologis' research data, though Ork's were blown apart around him by a rain of grot-thrown stikk-bombz. The climax of the battle came when his Rival Boss met him choppa-to-choppa atop the steps, but Graeme's powerful Boss threw down his enemy. Now there is talk of the two warbands combining their might. Is this the beginnings on a new Waaargh? Will Graeme's war boss succeed in recruiting Boss Craig to his side also? Or is all this talk of an Ork alliance merely scurrilous rumour? Who knows, but who better to teach them pansie oomies and pointies a few new tricks than the might of three Ork warbands?
Graeme's Boss and Mek Boy weather the grenade storm to seize the Ziggerut.
With just two turns remaining till the data is downloaded, Nick's Boss makes his challenge in the formal manner: "Ere grot-bags, yer maw wuz a space marine!"
Graeme's Ork of the match: the gunner who took down most of Nick's Boyz.

As previously mentioned, Craig lost seven of his Orks who failed their after-battle Grit rolls to recover from wounds. The second battle saw equal carnage, yet through some extremely jammy rolling most of the casualties made their grit rolls, for a total of just three deaths despite fierce fighting.

Both Craig and Graeme's retinues managed to pass their investigation rolls (surprisingly, especially when you consider that neither have a single model with the Investigator skill). Following the clues will lead them both to new objective locations to be decided when the remaining battle results are in.

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