Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Throne Agents

Some more stats and painted figures for the Throne Agents in my "In the Emperor's Name" solo campaign. All of these painted miniatures were recently featured on my Lead Legion blog.

We have:

 Stitch (Ganger): 
A local under-hive ganger, Stitch saw her entire gang wiped out by a secretive new power in the under hive. Not a starting member of the Inquisitor Hellstrom's retinue, she is the "objective" in the first scenario of the campaign and will begin play as a player controlled character. If she survives, she'll join the retinue.
ItEN Stats: 
Grit 4+, FV +2, Sv +2, Spd +2
Armour: 6+ (Synthskin/Gang Leathers)
Skills: Nose for Trouble, Medic Special: Escher Ganger (+2 SPD),
Gear: Combat Knife, Autopistol. Cost: 0 (initially), After Scenario 1: 31 points.
Skills: Nose for Trouble, Medic,  

Logan (Interrogator):
An ageing veteran, Logan tried (and failed) to achieve Inquisitor status several times before accepting his natural place as a Senior Interrogator. Formerly the Chief of Staff to Inquisitor Krungveld, he now acts as de facto second in command to Krungveld's young protegee, the newly-rosetted Inquisitor Hellstrom.
ItEN stats:
Grit 3+, FV +2, SV +2, Spd +1
Armour: Carapace (7+) Skills: None Special: May act as a Leader figure if Inquisitor Hellstrom is not taking part in the scenario. Gear: Lasgun, Autopistol, Sword. Cost: 29 points

 Aneshia Kynes (Astropath):
Although an extremely powerful telepath (powerful enough to earn a place on the staff of an Inquisitor of the Holy Ordos) Aneshia Kynes is a rare case: an Astropath who is utterly blind. While others who have undergone the Soul Binding ritual are able to perceive their surroundings through the warp, not so with Aneshia.
As such, she requires a guide in order to move during the course of a scenario.
 ItEN Stats:
Grit 5+, FV 0, SV 0, SPD -3, Special: Blind, Armour: Refraktor Shield (7+) Psyker Powers: Zone of Shadows, Path of Shadows, Dominatus. Gear: None. Cost: 44 points

Zork (Ogryn):
An extremely intelligent representative of his species (which, admittedly, is not saying much) Zork is deeply devout and carries a number of protective talismans which he believes keep him safe in battle.
So devout is his belief in the protective power of the Emperor, that he can shrug off wounds that would normally slay even another Ogryn.
ItEN Stats:
Grit 2+, FV +4, SV +2, Spd +0
Armour: "Ork Hide" 6+, Skills: Terrifying, Hard to Kill.  Gear: Heavy Bolter, Big Choppa, Combat Knife, Cost: 51 points.

Officer Xia (Arbitor)
Xia is the local planetary Enforcer who first reported the strange goings on that prompted Inquisitor Krungveld's Investigation. Xia was wounded in the ambush that cost  the Inquisitor his life and discharged from service. His services have been acquired by the young Inquisitor Hellstrom, who intends to make good use of his local knowledge of the Hive.
ItEN Stats:
Grit 4+, FV 2+, SV +2, Spd +0
Armour: Carapace 7+ Skills: Medic Gear: Autopistol, Shotgun, Shock Maul. Cost: 26 points.


  1. Those are some nice looking minis. Great paintjobs. I like Zork best.