Monday, 20 February 2012

13th Colonial Police test miniatures

I didn't paint a great deal (or do much in the way of anything hobby related) yesterday, but I at least managed to finish some test figures for the 13th (Bad Landing) Colonial Police.

I'm quite happy with the colour scheme. It's a little dark given the Luna terrain they'll be used on, but the white helps to off-set the dark blue. The Infantryman (who will be the Inspector for this force) is a Khurasan Neo-Sov. The vehicle is a converted Matchbox Coyote 500. I was originally going to use this as the "Q" car, but I like it so much that I'm going to up-gun all the normal Panda patrol cars and use this as a typical Panda, albeit one with a little "unauthorised" field modification.

And finally, just to prove I'm as good as my word, the second of my nightly 28mm terrain pieces. Or as I like think of it, "why it's not a good idea to cut foam card without a steel rule when you're just about to go the bed." It's a bit squint. I'll just blame it on subsidence. Or maybe I'll just trim a little of the top when the glue's had a chance to set for a few days. Must remember to take pictures of the AFTER I've stuck in the bullet holes with a sharp pencil.


  1. Just put a few bits of brass rod or cocktail sticks coming out the top (minus the sharp pointy bit) and paint it grey, that way it looks like concrete that's failed in the apocalypse.

    The vehicles looking good as well, got a good near future look to it.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Mecha. I've got some nice little bits of wire that'll look good as rebar.

  3. Looking forward to the rest of them, and nice to see someone's got their mitts on those Neo-Sovs; and then not paint them as Neo-Sovs! Brilliant.


  4. Thanks Joshua. I thought they were just crying out for the SWAT look.

  5. Nice, really good use of the Khurasan figure.