Friday, 17 February 2012

Great Ebay Find: But How to Paint It?

This lovely gem just arrived in the post a few days ago. I won it on Ebay for practically nothing. It's going to be used as a Transport type vehicle in play-test games of Aftermath, the new PA Skirmish rules that I'm working on. Thing is... now I sort of have a dillemma.

This is a lovely diecast toy, and while it needs to have at least some paintwork done to it, where do I stop? How much would be too much? Do I keep the original paint and just give it a wash of Devlan mud or badab black or do I apply a completely new basecoat over the existing paintwork and repaint the whole thing from scratch? Do I leave the windows transparent or do I paint them like I do with my 15mm mini's?

My original plan had been to paint this mini in the same dark blue as my Vaulter-Dwellers wear on their overalls and paint a big Vault 13 sign on the side. Now my conscious is pulling at me? Thoughts? Painting Suggestions? Ideas? All are welcome.


  1. Keep it in original colours, give it a wash of devlan mud. Smack a vault 13 logo on the side.

    Liberated vehichle!! It looks pretty good!

  2. That is a very cool vehicle. I love the tracks on it. I agree with Lord Siwoc, devaln wash and the 13 logo.

  3. Rough dirty look is awesome pattern that make its live, you should paint the windows up to half with body color because Army trucks are fully covered. Overall it’s Great! I have some these types of models, you should check once at

  4. Thanks for your suggestions guys. They're appreciated.