Monday, 6 February 2012

Aftermath: Post Apocalypse Rules

Well, my plans for a 15mm Post Apocalypse game of Tomorrow's War on Tuesday having been scuppered, I plan on devoting most of the day to a project dear to my heart: the Aftermath 28mm Post-Apocalypse skirmish game.

Aftermath is a set of rules I've had percolating around my brain for years. Essentially, it's a "role-play lite" type wargame in the same vein as All Things Zombie, Necromunda, Legends of the Old West and Gorka Morka. Since Lead Legion is between commissions at the moment (at the least until the varnish dries) I'll start writing the damn rules and paint some miniatures for play-testing tomorrow. Rather than have 28mm take over this supposedly 15mm blog entirely, once I have a few posts and a head of steam going I'll probably move all the Aftermath stuff over to dedicated blog. But for the time being, I'm afraid Terminus Omega is going to be infested with yet more 28mm stuff.

In the meantime, just to keep up my 15mm credentials, here are some of the "Vault 13" security troopers I'd painted up especially for Tuesday's planned game of Tomorrow's War.


  1. That's cool, writing your own rules. I don't even know where I'd begin with a project like that.

  2. I'm kinda nicking a lot from other game systems. No new rules mechanics as such. more an adaptation really.