Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Give Your Friends the Gift of Laserburn

Earlier tonight, Rhidh, one of the players in my Isle of the Earthshaker game, brightened up my day with this completely unexpected and most welcome surprise.

A complete set of original Laserburn 15mm rules by Bryan Ansell, whom many of you will recognise as one of the brains behind WH40K Rogue Trader. Delighted doesn't begin to express how happy I was. Over-enjoyed doesn't come close. I love Laserburn. For years I've had to make do with a tattered, scan of a much-faded photocopy because I was never able to come across a copy. At least, not an original set (as opposed to yet another photocopy masquerading as an original book).

Flicking through the books, it's easy to see the germ-seeds of 40K. Many of the illustrations feature winged skulls and proto-imperial eagles. The present day heavy bolter is practically a carbon copy of the one in the Laserburn book. Not to mention the presence of the Imperial Inquisition, Redemptionists and the fact that only licensed "Merchant Barons" (read "Rogue Traders")  may conduct trade inter-stellar trade. The list goes on. The equipment lists even feature Conversion Beamers, hand-flamers and Melta Guns.  Moreover, it's a damn good system in itself, if a little slow and clunky compared to more refined, modern rules-sets.

They're still a great set of rules and very much a personal favourite. Just last week I was discussing laying on a Laserburn day with my fellow old foggies Kev and Spence. Thanks Rhidh. You've made a cantankerous old git very happy.