Monday, 2 January 2012

15mm Space Orks

Mini's by GZG. Painting by me.  Photo by Amber Renarde.
My first batch of 15mm "Space Orks" are ready for games of 40K and Rogue Trader. I'm really happy with how they turned out. Only another 26 to go. The mini's are "Alien Mercenaries" from Ground Zero Games. Strictly speaking they're not designed to be 40K Orks as such, just generic "Thug" aliens. But they do the job pretty damn well.

In an early post I suggested I might pick up another 36 of da ladz for gaming, but really 36 Orks are enough for a game of 1st ed WH40K Rogue Trader. I'll hold off on buying in any more in favour of picking up an Imperial Guard Platoon's worth of Rebel Miniature's Neo-Sovs.

Bad Landing Update:

I've also been busily working away on expanding Bad Landing. I have a couple of infra-structure type buildings nearing the final stages of painting. I've also finished some 25mm Sand-bag emplacements designed for gun-teams lying down which don't look too bad for 15mm. Finally, I've made a batch of three "corrugated iron" barracks-style buildings to house poorer workers from sheet syrene. The buildings are just a shell at the moment, awaiting windows, vents, fuse boxes and the likes which I'll be ordering from GZG as soon as Jon clears his back-log.

Oh, and I have a chem-pit that'll be finished just as soon as I can find a pair of wire cutters that will actually cut car door wire mesh without going blunt on me. Expect some Work In Progress shots soon.

Hmm. Speaking of buildings. I might just hold off on buying those Neo-Sovs for a little bit longer and order Jon's Colony Shack set instead. No point buying too many toy soldiers 'til I have something for them to fight over.


  1. Jon's colony shacks are great-I bought some before Christmas and should have them up on my blog soon!

  2. I'll look forward to seeing them. It'll be a good while yet until I receive mine.