Monday, 9 January 2012

28mm Rogue Trader "Navigator"

While I've previously mentioned that my buying habits have more or less moved whole-scale over to 15mm, I still have a mountain of 28mm figures to paint. I've been working through my little lead Everest to find suitable 28mm mini's for conversion to the 40K Universe. Mostly for games of W40K Rogue Trader and In the Emperor's Name.

In this case, I was able to find a Reaper Mini's Faerie Princess to butcher a bit. After removing the wings (which I'd pinned about three years ago) I added a little bit of green-stuff to give her a third eye: the way she was brushing her hair away from her forehead was just too good an opportunity to pass up. Hence Konstanza, a Navigator Noblis and first member of my Inquisition Kill Team was born. Because I plan on using the Kill Team in 28mm and 15mm scale games I painted her to match the Ambassador miniature from the GZG free traders set I posted a while back.

If only I'd thought of it sooner, I'd have sculpted a  corset onto the 15mm figure. Maybe when I get round to buying that set again I'll do a little conversion work.

Unfortunately, my bitz-box is completely bare of Rogue Trader and 2nd ed 40K era weapons and kit (having foolishly given all my spare parts from these era's away years ago) so the plasma pistol is a little *ahem* large for her delicate little wrists. It's only glued on, not pinned, as I hope to come across an older era plasma pistol eventually.

Anyway, here are her randomly generated 40K stats and equipment followed by her stats for In the Emperor's Name. Not because I think you're interested in the slightest, but basically because if I don't post em online I'll just lose the bits of paper. And we can't have that.

Konstanza. W40K Rogue Trader:
M WS BS S T W  I   A  LD   INT   CL WP
4   3     5   3  3  3  4  2   9    8      8     9

Equipment: Plasma Pistol, Las Pistol, Jokaero Digital Flamer, Conversion Field (4+ save), Bio Scanner, Gills, Communicator, Contacts, 3 Doses of Immune, Infravision (surgical), Rad Counter, Rad Suit, 3 Doses of Web Solvent.

Konstanza, In the Emperor's Name:

Grit 3+, FV +2, SV +3, Spd +0  (14 points)
Skills: Terrifying (5 points)
Psyker Powers: Warpfire (10 points), Warpsight (10 points)
Armour: Refractor Shield  (Armour 7) (7 points)
Gear: Plasma Pistol (5 points), Laspistol (2 points)

Total: 53 points.


  1. Oh, nice. I love seeing minis in different scales. The idea of adding that 3rd eye is just really cool.