Sunday, 1 January 2012

15mm Warhammer 40K and the Bad Landing Campaign.

Cyborg by "Christianson". Used without permission
Over the next few months, I plan on having a good few games of WH40K using 15mm armies. The plan is to set all my house games played on my terrain on the (sometimes) Imperial World of Bad Landing.

The idea is to play out various battles in the World's History ranging from the Age of Conquest, right through the Horus Heresy and on up into the 41st Millennium. Earlier period games will be played out using the 1st edition WH40K Rogue Trader rules - reflecting the presence of Robots, power-field protected vehicles and similar Tech- up to and just after the Horus Heresy (when so much technical lore was destroyed. Again). Later period games will be played out using 5th edition 40K for larger battles, but I'll be using "In The Emperor's Name," Necromunda and perhaps even Inquisitor for some of the smaller skirmishes.

The hard part of the project will be the business of building and modelling 40K armies and settlements in 15mm. Fortunately, I'll be able to use some of the available GW 28mm buildings during some periods of the colony's history. Those GW buildings look pretty decent next to 28mm miniatures, but used in a 15mm game they really take on some of the grandeur we would expect from public buildings in the Imperium. Hell, if I'm really lucky I might be able to work in some games of Epic/Space Marine.

I look forward to recording the growth of my various 15mm Armies and (possibly) some 28mm skirmish forces on this blog. I'll also be charting the "historical development" of Bad Landing through battle reports and, hopefully, a mini campaign or two. Hopefully, the world will change hands several times through play, with the human Colony being destroyed and rebuilt, reconquered or resettled several times during the course of our games. Should be great

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