Saturday, 9 June 2012

Traitor Guard Update.

It's been a busy few days for my Traitor Guard army, not only is the Sentinel Squadron finished, but I've completed two chimera as well. Now I have just five infantry squads to paint up for the tournament at the beginning of July. Or to put it another way, a squad every four days. I should be able to manage that, especially given that dearly beloved is away down south with her mum and brother for a week.

In other gaming news, my new desert terrain mat arrived today. So I'll be taking advantage of having the place temporarily to myself by setting up the table and having a few scenario driven games of 40k Rogue Trader. Well, probably only one really as I'll gaming on my lunch break. Set on the Post-Apocalyptic 40K world of Bad Landing, of course. First up will be a raid by a tribe of Ash Nomads (think Fremen but with guns) on a trading post defended by the staff and a few, small bands of mutually antagonistic Raiders, Vaulters and Scavvies. Sounds like a good excuse to break out the old animosity rules for such fun and havoc.

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  1. Sounds good show us a pic of your mat. Chimera is nice and bloody looking