Monday, 25 June 2012

Inquisitor 28mm

I've been working on painting and converting a brand new Inquisitorial Kill Team for GW's excellent but near-defunct Inquisitor narrative wargame. I know I've already been assembling a number of miniatures suitable for this game, but if I ever want to attend a GW sponsored event, I need a warband constructed entirely of scratch-built or converted GW figures.

Here's what I've come up with so far:
Inquisitor Strom Hellbrandt
 Strom is a (very minor) conversion of one of the very early 40K Sanctioned Psyker miniatures from 2nd edition 40K (or thereabouts). I removed the outrageous feather attatched to the broach on his collar and hacked off the barrel of the autogun, replacing it with the very end lasgun barrel instead. I'm calling this new weapon a Bolt Pistol, although in game terms it could work equally well as a Bolt Carbine instead.

Strom is a former Battle Psyker from Battlefleet Ultima, so blue and white (the fleet's colours) feature extensively in his wardrobe and that of his retinue. Most of his close followers have been recruited from the Imperial Navy, with very few exceptions.

Constance Chastity
Constance Chastity is Strom's teenage adept and Interrogator-candidate. The daughter of a fallen admiral and a former ward of the Ordo Hospitaller, Constance was nearly executed for breaking her vows when caught in flagrente delicto with Herman Scheffer, Strom's young and rather handsome confessor. Strom intervened on the girls behalf, arguing that as the girl had taken her vows under duress after being forced into the Ordo by her uncle. Meanwhile, he left his former confessor to rot as the pilot of a Penitent engine. The girl is now Strom's Ward and is undergoing a brief apprenticeship with each of the Inquisitor's favored retainers in turn, after which he will decide if the girl has what it takes to become an Inquisitor. At present, she is receiving something of an education indeed under the careful eye of Sevenfold Joy, Strom's courtesan-assassin adept. Still feeling somewhat guilty over her role in Hermann's penitence, she insists on wearing an armored suit looted from a Dark Eldar pirate into battle, the pain a constant reminder of the human price for her moment of weakness.

Being a former novice of the Ordo Hospitaller, she is also the kill-teams medic.

I know her pose looks a little awkward and off-balance. Originally, she was going to have her back to a wall, but thankfully, that brief moment of madness passed. I really dislike miniatures that carry their own scenery with them -unless they happen to be a machine gun team or something similar.

Armsman Longstride
Armsman Longstride is another of Strom's long-term Adepts, a crew-mate from the Frigate Warspite that followed Strom into Inquisitorial Service. Longstride is an expert man-hunter, a ship-board bounty hunter capable of tracking his prey through any urban or shipboard environment. Put him in the wilderness however, and he's as spooked and as vulnerable as an Ecclesiastic oblate wandering the underhive at night.


  1. Nice characters for the team. Like the fact Longstride gets all spooked out amongst the trees