Thursday, 7 June 2012

Tau on My Mind

It's been a while now since I posted my 2000 point list for my next (Tau) Gue'Vasa army and I've been mulling a few things over.

First, it doesn't really seem right that a "human-themed" Tau Army should have as many Kroot Carnivores (34) as it does Human firewarriors (34 again, counting all "visible" crew  figures and battlesuit pilots but not enclosed vehicle crew). I know large Kroot squads with hounds are better than 12 Fire Warriors when you look at the maths, but dammit, it's just not fluffy enough to have more Kroot than humans! Also, I need to think about buying my army in playable "steps" rather than simply buying whatever takes my fancy at the time (like I usually do) and wind up playing with whatever mish-mash of units I happen to have built.

So here's my proposed starting point, a 1000 point Tau List:

Crisis Commander: 87 - shas'el w/ plasma rifle, missle pod, multi-tracker
Crisis Squad: 124 - 2 shas'ui w/ plasma rifle, missile pod, multi-tracker
Crisis Squad: 124 - 2 shas'ui w/ plasma rifle, missile pod, multi-tracker
Firewarrior Squad: 95 - 1 shas'ui with bonding knife and pulse rifle 7 shas'la w/ pulse rifle
Firewarrior Squad: 120 - 12 shas'la; 8 w/pulse rifle. 4 w/pulse carbine
Broadsword Squad: 175 pts - 1x Broadside Battlesuit w/ Shield Drone; Shield Drone; Drone Controller; 1 Broadside Battlesuit  w/Target Lock. 2 Shield Drone w/ Shield Generator)
Hammerhead: 180 - railgun, SMS, multi-tracker, target lock, disruption pod
Devilish : 95 Sensor Spines, Targetting Array 

Total: 1000 points.

The idea is that the 8 man squad with the shas'ui mount up in the Devilfish, either to seize last minute objectives or to carry out a Fish of Fury attack supported by the transport's Burst Cannon and Gun Drones.  Meanwhile, the Larger Fire Warrior squad does it's best to act as a meat-shield and slow down any assault troops headed their way. The presence of some carbines is a desperate attempt (on my part) to slow down the advance of assault troops through pinning.

My biggest concern with this list is the lack of Melta (but I can't afford 65 points for a Piranha with a Fusion Gun) and the fact that my only speed-bump unit also happens to be one of just two scoring units. But then, that's the problem with a 1000 pt list isn't it, you're always going to be weak somewhere. Try to cover all the bases, and you'll just up end weak everywhere. Of course, I could drop the Devil Fish and some fire warriors for a third Crisis Battlesuit squad, perhaps even one armed with Fusion Blaster and Burst Cannon, but three Crisis squads at the 1000 pt level just feels so wrong.


  1. That's a good point about 1000 point lists, you're always left wanting something. You're left hoping the other guy's weaknesses compliment yours instead of magnifying them. I admire your resolve to stick fluff, I prefer doing that myself. You should be okay unless you go up against some powergamer, but that's never much fun anyway.

    1. It's part of the fun of playing to such tight points limits. I admit I'm quite a competitive player in that I play a lot of games where the objective is to beat your opponnent rather than co-operate with him, but I always try to do so within the limits of the fluff rather than the limits of the rules.
      It makes for a bit of an uphill struggle at times (especially at tournaments) but my ultimate goal is to have fun. Winning just makes it even more so.