Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Warmachine: Black Souls

As if I did't have enough on my plate I've been bitten by the Warmachine bug again. I last played in 2006 (before Hordes was even released) if I recall correctly and I've done my best to avoid the game ever since. But now it's grabbed my attention again, so I've raided my bits box and re-assembled as many of my old mini's as I could AND I've dropped £70 quid or so on Mercenary units and Warcasters.

Now, I'm not a fan of using traditional faction colour schemes or even using "in-game characters" so while I'll be building a  force using the Highborn Covenant mercenary list, it will actually represent a Thamar dedicated mercenary unit called the "Black Souls".

I've already created a miniature to represent the Companies main war-caster from the Hayley warcaster model plus some bits from Legend of the Five Rings and Diablo II miniatures but she (Lady-Captain Errin Taine) will be played primarily using the rules for Ashlynn, with occasional forays into using the stats for Primer Magnus (although Magnus can't actually be used in a Highborn covenant list, I expect to have enough units that will work for Cryx to be able to put together a Four-Star Syndicate list when I want to use her as Magnus)

The idea is that she is a former lover/companion of Magnus who learned her trade as one of his flunkies before nicking some of his designs and effing off to start her own company of Thamarites. Once I have a large enough force under my belt, I'll be adding Fiona the Black as my second caster. Appropriate, as she is the only Thamarite Warcaster in the game.

In the meantime, I've decided to go with a Thamar themed colour scheme: Black armour with silver details and black cloth with bone and/or red detailing.

I've already painted a test miniature using the one and only Devil Dog miniature I could find all the parts for and I'm quite happy with how he turned out. Note the base is unfinished: I've been trying out a number of basing style with the test model. I like this one best though, so I'll be gluing him down and filling up the gaps in the base shortly.

Devil Dog Test Miniature
Ironically, fielding the Highborn Covenant means I'll be able to take Morrowan units who hate Thamarites and can't be used in the same army. Not to worry, I'll paint them up as Thamarites and call them Thamarites. I just won't be able to use them in the same list as any actual Thamarite models.


  1. Its nice and a force painted all the same will look simple but great at the same time. I really like it.

  2. Now that's definitely a "hand cannon".

    Pretty decent fluff you came up with here. Happy gaming :D

    1. It really is. It's also the shortest ranged "range weapon" in the game. A whole 4 inches!