Sunday, 4 August 2013

Silo Build Part I

It's been a while since I knocked together any terrain to add to my collection. Inspired by a champagne truffle box, I decided it was time to add a storage silo my collection of 28mm Bad Landing/Post-Apocalypse scenery. I have a good number of storage silo's already, but they're better suited to 15mm scale or less. So it's time for me to fill this gaping hole in my scenery collection:

Parts: Sturdy round box, CD, Old Ink Pot Lid, Bottle Top, Old Spru's, Staples.

I first cut th sprus to length then glued them together, using the round "spacer" on the sprue as a spacer between the two "pipes".

Like this.

I super-glued the pipes to the side of the box, then glued the box to the CD.

I then super-glued the bottle top and ink pot lids in place to make a hatch. I made sure that the spru-pipes were flush with the bottle lid.

I used groups of three staples to make ladder rungs and super-flued them place. I used milli-put to make "spot weld" marks. The flock was glued to the base with PVA glue.
After spraying with a black undercoat, I lightly sprayed over the top with Army Painter Plate Mail Spray-Paint.


  1. a very good addition to any wargames table.

  2. Thats really effective looking! Inspired!

  3. Thanks guys. Part II will be up in a moment.