Monday, 5 August 2013

Silo Build Part II -Painting

Part two of the silo terrain building article.

Taking a very old, stiff-bristled brush I half-stipled, half painted long streaks of Model Air Rust paint down the sides of the Silo and around the spot wields. If you don't have Model Air Rust, any dark brown/umber paint mixed with a metallic will do.

I did the same on the upper surface of the silo and around the rim, careful to make sure I applied the rust coloured paint anywhere water might collect in pools.

Taking Mig Light Rust Effects and using the same stiff brush I painted orange streaks over the rust-brown, being careful to leave the rust brown showing a the edges. If you don't have Mig Light Rust, then any bright orange paint will do the same trick. Just make sure to water it down to the consistency of ink first.

And again on the upper surface of the silo

At this point I did something stupid: I forgot to take a photo of the next stage. All I did was take some Games Workshop Armageddon Dust and, using my fingers, smudged it all the "clean", silver bits of the silo to represent years of dust storms and the like.

After adding the Armaggeddon dust, I overloaded my stiff-bristled, old brush with ink and, using painting down from the top of the silo to the bottom, applied it all over the silo, been careful to leave as many streaks and making the coverage as uneven as possible. 

With the Silo now looking like a rusty, abandoned piece of junk, I painted the base Vellejo Model Colour English Uniform and dryrbished with Vellajo Model Colour Green Ochre.

All Done. About 2 man-hours of work.

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