Saturday, 8 June 2013

Fox Hounds: Award Ceremony on Galtor III

Shortly after news of the duel in New Derry makes it's away across Galtor III, the Fox Hounds are presented with the Dragon Slayer Robbon by Prince's Champion Arden Sortek in the city of Cheng Lee.

After accepting the Dragon Slayer flag,  Lishka (the Fox Hound's tactician) had this to say to the people of Galtor III:

Lishka, photo-captured outside a Cheng Lee Nightclub.

"People of the Federated Suns, I had come here planning to make some flippant remark that you need not fear any of the FoxHounds challenging the Prince's Champion or his staff to a duel." Her face darkens. "Obviously, that would no longer be appropriate. Let it be known that we, the Fox Hounds, would never countenance such hideous acts of barbarity as have been perpetrated by the Steel Legion on the good people of Galtor III. Instead, I make this promise: When next our paths cross, the Fox Hounds will stop at nothing, save to obey the limits of honourable warfare imposed by the Ares Conventions, to bring the Steel Legion to heel!" She punches her first in the air and shouts "JUSTICE FOR GALTOR III!"


A few days later on Galatea, the award ceremony and Lishka's speech are broadcast on Merc News....

Introducing Dom, Kraken of the Black Barracuda's
It was a hot sticky day. Dom was lazing in the shade with a beer and a TV hooked up to a little generator. News this, drama that. On screen comes a fine looking woman calling herself Lishka of the Fox Hounds Merc Unit. Dom recognised the name and turned up the volume...

After the ceremony finishes, he stands up, stretches, downs the rest of his beer and smiles the kind of smiles that only a man like Dom can pull off. 

"This just got interesting..."

 Brians Notes:
  • Lishka (my character) is talking a good fight, but how much of it is a simple PR exercise and how much of it does she really mean?
  • Dom in a member of the campaigns third merc lance, played by Tim. They've recently completed their training scenarios and just completed their first mission, so they'll be getting a page on this blog to themselves very soon.
  • There's also an interesting facebook chat happening between George's character, Vick (of the Fox Hounds) and John's character Striker (of the Steel Legion). Unfortunately, it's not happened yet in campaign time, since the chat takes place in the Grease Pit on Galatea. The two characters established themselves as drinking buddies early on, and are blithely chatting about which of them might end up having to kill the other as absently as anyone else might talk about the weather.
  • The campaign now also has it's first elite pilot. Mark decided to upgrade the gunnery score of his character, Fox (of the Steel Legion) earlier today.

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