Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Nine Years War Project: Duchy of Savoy


All of Ray's recent posts about the Nine Years War over on "Don't Roll a One" have got me chomping at the bit to begin a collection of my own. I've been pestering Ray for information for a few days now, mostly about the Duchy of Savoy, the short-lived de facto nation that eventually grew into the Kingdom of Sardinia.

Ray was good enough to send me an absolute pile of resources, one of which outlines Savoy's contribution the Grand Alliance army at the Battle of  Marsaglia in 1693. Ten infantry regiments, three horse regiments and three dragoon regiments sounds like an excellent little starter force, which I can expand later by adding in allied contingents or by adding in the remaining half dozen regiments of foot the Duchy of Savoy possessed at the time.

I'll probably start the expansion with some Hapsburg or Imperial regiments though. If I can stage a few games for gamers at the local club ( a good bunch, but very much locked into the Games Workshop scene at the moment) I might be able to drum up some interest in the period.

By the way, this project will pretty much replace the 15mm Napoleonic Bavarian project I had planned. Given that I've yet to buy a single figure for it (but already have a NYW regiment coming in the post) I think it's pretty safe to pronounce the Napoleonic idea dead in the water.


  1. What scale and will they fit with my Malburians?

  2. 15mm and yes they will. My lads will be a bit earlier than yours, but the Duchy of Savoy and England were allied in several wars against the French. Of course, that doesn't mean we can't re-write history and have a good fight or two.