Sunday, 24 March 2013

The 2 Year Plan 2013-2015

I don't really expect this to be of interest to anyone other me. It's just my way of organising my thoughts for what I want to accomplish from a wargaming point of view in the next 18-24 months. Hence I haven't bothered to include any nice photographs or images to break up this huge wall of text.

In no particular order:

Terrain Wise:

  • Upgrade the 4ft by 4ft terrain mats to 4ft x 6ft terrain mats to match the size of the new table. 
  • Make/acquire more 15mm and 28mm terrain for my Temperate, Off-world Colony and Post Apocalypse/Semi-Arid game boards.
  • In particular, get myself some nice 15mm Napoleonic terrain, modern North African terrain AND some rural russian terrain to use with both other sets of 15m terrain. Also modern terrain from Fieldworks which will look great as North and East African factories and apartment buildings.

Miniatures Wise:

40K Imperial Guard:

I'm really, really missing playing Imperial Guard in 40K. Although my Chaos Space Marines have only lost one game, drawn one game, and won every other game they've played quite convincingly, nothing can replace the IG as my favourite 40K Army. At the moment, I have squidgillions of infantry, but I had to sell most of my tanks before moving down south. So, I need to purchase:
  • At least one Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons Box with Lascannons.
  • Buy ten stormtroopers with Hotshot Lasguns to expand my five man suicide squads into full squads
  • Buy an Ogre Lead Bely boxed set and convert it to Ogryns
  • Convert a unit of Rough Riders.
  • About 15 pairs of Cadian arms and lasguns to convert the rest of my Dream Forge UAMC infantry into Guardsmen (well, conscripts)
  • Buy one Leman Russ Punisher (for Pasque)
  • Buy three Leman Russ with the twin autocannon variants
  • Buy three normal Leman Russ but also purchase the Plasma Cannon and Vanquisher turret variants from Forge world.
  • Buy one Basilisk (the enclosed armour one from Forgeworld)
  • Buy one Medusa (from Forgeworld)
  • Buy one Manticore

40k Space Marines:

I have an entire Space Marine army sitting around waiting to be painted and built. They're not my first choice of army by any means (after 25 years of playing with and against them, they bore the hell out of me). On the other hand, given how expensive it's going to be to make my IG army playable again I'm going to have to concentrate on getting these guys up to speed first so I can use them as an allied contingent with my IG infantry.
  • Assemble and paint the five remaining Terminators, five character miniatures and thirty pus space marines lying around doing nothing.
  • Buy, assemble and paint two Rhino's, one Land Raider Redeemer and one Land Raider Crusader.
  • Play games using these guys as an IG allied contingent (and vice versa) so my IG become a playable force again.

40K Chaos Space Marines:

  • Buy, assemble and paint an actual Chaos Landraider and stop using the normal Space Marine Landraider as a proxy
  • Swap out the Hellbrute from my 2000 pt list and replace it with a twin-linked Lascannon Predator Tank.
  • Paint up the five Thousand Sons, one Possessed and one Chaos Space Marine Champion I need to declare this army fully painted. Optionally paint up the other 6 bikes and bikers and two Chaos Lords on Juggernauts as well. Although it's not really necessary, they'll give me more options to play with list wise.

15mm Napoleonic:

After playing Napoleonic's for the first time in about fifteen years a few weeks ago I'm all fired up for more. To start with, I've picked one of the smaller nations who fought on both sides of the conflict (Bavaria) because of the many options it will provide in terms of armies to fight and also because assembling the entire national army of such a small(ish) state in 15mm is a reasonable enough goal. That's 11 regiments of Infantry (two battalions of 12 miniatures each) and a half dozen regiments of cavalry plus a few guns. Still a major undertaking, but not quite as daunting as trying to assemble the entire army of France.

Alternate History/Ultra Modern:

Despite my rant the other week about comfort zones, I really am attracted to ultra-modern game -just so long as fictional forces and nations are involved. Hence, in the spirit of Alcovia, Franonia, Raynonia and Bravo's Evil Empire, I'm inventing my own fictional nation to fight fictional campaigns against other fictional nations. I need to purchase:
  • North African and rural Russian type scenery (sounds a bit of an odd combination but it'll make sense when I do a feature on my fictional nation).
  • A mixed platoon of ARVN and US Vietnam era troops, plus seven M113's and a few M60 tanks to represent the armed forces of my small, third-world nation for games of Force on Force. All from Peter Pig, (except the tanks) which means £18 for the troops, £56 for the APC's and £8 per tank.
  • Paint up my GZG 15mm civilians as oil workers, consultants and other civilians for games of Force on Force.
  • Purchase a whole heap of Peter Pig AK47 miniatures to represent various bad guy militia's and shady foreign nations.
  • Use Israeli Sand Grey for the armour. Buy it from here:

Post Apoc:

Through it all, I'll continue to build up my PA terrain collection (especially as it also doubles up as my 40K terrain collection) and paint up the many existing PA miniatures I already own as time and inclination allows. I'll be using these for my PA solo games as well as my Judge Dredd solo-campaign that I plan to play every now and then.


  1. It is interesting actually... I like to know what other people are up to and sometimes, somebody else's train of thought can jog things up for yourself.

    It's also like a teaser, like for these big budget series, which begin way before they are due on... keep 'em wanting more! ;-)

    1. Thanks Jim. Had no idea this would hold anyones interest other than my own.

  2. I agree it is interesting as Jim mentions above. I too have been looking at Napoleonic figures again But If I do it I will do the Americans of the period.

    All the other projects also old my interest (less so with 40k, but still as I know they will be well painted always an eye candy moment).

    I also think it does us, as a wargaming breed, good to write down our plans as it's the first step to realising them. Best of luck with all the projects. Clint

    1. I might know someone with an AK 47 army they want to sell at a reasonable price. Contact me if you want more details.

    2. Thank you Clint. It really does help to get things down on paper. It might be a while before I'm ready to pick up some AK47 miniatures though. Let me check the finances and get back to you. Do you have any idea how much they were looking for?

    3. I'll contact him and make sure he still has it, get a list of contents and get back to you.

    4. Just head back. Already sold it.