Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Post Apoc Terrain from GW?

Well, not really. But the Warhammer walls set really does paint up well as part of the post apoc landscape. Despite my best efforts, I've not really managed to do much in the way of painting miniatures or terrain for post-apocalyptic gaming these last few weeks. Having to take some time off last week when the family came to visit was part of it, but mostly it comes down to just being far too busy. I've had to cut out my usual habit of painting my own stuff on my lunch breaks and simply skip lunch altogether (dearly beloved it not happy about this).

I did manage to snatch an hour or so on Sunday to finish the Warhammer Walls set, which has been languishing in it's undercoated state since October. It took no time at all really. Simple drybrushing for the most part, with the metal and rust effects painted on when all the drybrushing was over. Still, for such a rushed effort, I think they really look the part.

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