Friday, 23 November 2012

INQUISITOR 28mm Warband update

I've decided to completely re-work my Inquisitor warband for 28mm Inquisitor games. Strom Hellsing, who was originally going to be my Inquisitor, has now been demoted to Interrogator, and the other models/characters in the warband are now going to be retired altogether. Instead, I'm bringing in a newwarband leader (or PPC), Erazmus Foix of the Adeptus Mechanicus and creating a new warband around them. This here, is the starting framework for a character called Balthazar Sett, a former Adeptus Munitorium Auditor turned Adeptus Mechanicum Agent.

Unfortunately I can't find a head that fits this guy (not least because I'm in Glasgow working while my bits box is down in Folkestone) at the moment. But I'm going for a relatively young man, not too grizzled, in the prime of his life and without heavy augmentation. I think a space marine scout head might be perfect.

Made from: Forge World Games Day Adeptus Arbites (comes with dog but I'll be using that elsewhere), sword from a Warhammer Dark Elf, left hand from a Millennium's End 1980's Cocaine Cowboy. Uzi cut from the right hand of the same miniature.

And here are some concepts for the Adept himself:

Asurman body, head (the chain will be getting chopped off if I decide to go with this head, obviously) from a Chaos Vehicle spru. Gauntlet from a Mantic Ghoul sprue and the gauntlet weapon is a storm bolter from an epic scale Razorback.