Monday, 21 May 2012

Traitor Guard General: Work in Progress

My very good friend and gaming buddy, Inmygravenimage, has very kindly broke out the old Green stuff to make my Army General into something really special. Here's a link to his work on the DakkaDakka forums: Gallery. He's a stinky Grey Knight player but I'll forgive him because of the great work he's doing on my behalf - and because it's the first army he's managed to fully paint up. No doubt he'll be looking forward to kicking my lads back-sides all the way back to the Warp as soon as I have enough of them built and painted for a game (which we've scheduled for the 13th of June).

So far, Graven has added a Chaos Warrior cloak to my kit-bash and begun work on lengthening the mni at the waist to make him seem more imposing. Already I can see a huge improvement over my previous efforts and I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished result.

Here's that Work in Progress shot:

And a more recent shot of what he's up too since this first shot was taken:

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